A police constable has been arrested by the Lacovia Police for allegedly stealing J$90,000.00 from premises in that Saint Elizabeth town.
At about 4:00 am, Yesterday morning the officer was among a team of officers who went to the location to execute a warrant in an area known as Alley Lane.

The house was searched and the initial suspect apprehended. According to sources after the operation was concluded the constable was searched by a senior officer and the money taken from his ballistic vest.
He was arrested and booked on the theft, his name is being withheld pending further investigations.

Side note:
This write continues to make the point that when it comes to police recruitment shortcuts in background checks are a significant part of why police departments end up in trouble with their officers.
The high attrition rate of officers from the JCF has continued to influence the rush to put bodies on the streets.
Bad overall policies create high attrition rates, this forces the JCF to rush their background checks which were hardly anything, to begin with.
The only thing positive in this is that this constable was arrested by another police officer.

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