I saw this and was stunned that this still persists even at a time when the Jamaican Government is in the process of handing out huge sums of money to residents of Tivoli Gardens, despite that community’s decision to operate outside the laws for generations.

A Police Officer who was shot in the line of duty receives J$1000 per month, lives in squalor, doesn’t even have a radio or television set.
This is how Jamaica treats it’s police officers.
My squadmate was shot and injured many years ago he is wheelchair bound as well.  I called him a few weeks ago and asked how he was doing?
He tells me only for the mercy of God that he is surviving.

Now despite my sense of anger that a police officer was shot in the line of duty is treated this way I am not surprised. The JCF has been an agency which prided itself on form but precious little substance.
What the over bloated high command was always good at has always been the spectacle, show, and no performance.

Having been shot in 1988 while on duty ( not that it should matter, cops are never off duty) I understand all too well that by and large the men and women who make up the high command did not understand their roles as supervisors.
Commanders never grasped the concept of complimenting their juniors in public and chastising them in private. The reverse has always been a sore point in the JCF. As a consequence few commanders had the ability to harness the full potential of the workforce under their commands and even if they were able to, I’m unsure they would know what to do with it.

I never received a visit from my Divisional officer when I got shot, I never received a visit from the area officer, not from the crime officer and certainly not a call from the then Commissioner Herman Ricketts.
It mattered not that it was not a serious injury, good leadership entails looking after your charges before you contemplate doing anything else.
You cannot secure the public with men and women who are broken down and that seem to be a large part of the problem.

Steve McGregor

Across the seas, Police Departments look after themselves and they do not allow anyone to dictate to them how they should go about doing so.
One thing is certain is that they do not cower in fear from criticism of anyone outside their departments who do not know what it takes to do the job.
Congratulations to Steve McGregor a real leader and police commander. Thank you, Steve, for leading where Government and your own superiors have failed.

I appeal to members past and present, particularly those of us who live in the diaspora to inbox me so we can formulate a plan of action.
If you do not I will contact you.
We need to assist these heroes who gave their best for their country and are now destitute.

It could have been any one of us.