A young  member of the intelligence arm of the police force was shot and injured Thursday night .The officer with JUST  under two years service in the JCF  single-handedly challenged and killed two gunmen in Portmore, St Catherine, during a robbery attempt.

Allegations are that the rookie, who is believed to be in his early 20s, was standing outside a gate in Cumberland with friends, when they were held up by two gunmen. The police constable was shot in the arm during the drama.

“We must commend his bravery, it speaks to the level of his training and confidence,” head of the Criminal Investigative Branch (CIB), Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell, told The Gleaner yesterday.[courtesy daily gleaner]

Another Police Officer was shot and almost killed as per the above report from Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner. Fortunately this young officer survived , despite being shot. As is to be expected there is no word of condemnation from those on talk radio.There is no word of condemnation to my knowledge from Jamaica’s criminal rights fraternity to include the defense attorneys.

Were this valiant young officer not of this calibre the outcome would most certainly be different for him and his friends.

I urge Jamaicans of all stripes ,who love freedom, those who want a safe crime free Jamaica ,let your voices be heard, do not be cowed. I  know sometimes fear becomes over-powering, it sometimes seem that the forces of evil cannot be turned around. I do however believe that we can make a difference if we let our voices be heard.

As is evidenced  by the comments under this story in the Gleaner, you can be heard, when you open your mouths, the supporters of evil remain silent . As Jamaicans we were a respected  people around the world, we are respected for  our abilities in sports , music, the arts, education,hospitality,and our conviction in speaking truth to power. Our Nation has done so  on many occasions. Whether its apartheid, race relations in America, poverty in the world , or whatever the issue of the day is, we have been in the forefront of  the defense of what is right.

We can return to our glory days of respect in the world , but we must first decide to return to the rule of law, we must return to putting the interest of the innocent first and putting criminals where they belong , so that our country can be free, and our people live out their God-given potential. The greatest right of any person is their right to life.

Get well Officer.

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