Cop Who Threatened To Kill Protesters Identified

The suburban St. Louis police officer whothreatened to kill protesters with his weapon drawn in Ferguson is Lt. Ray Albers, his boss said.

Albers, 46, a 20-year police veteran who served four years in the Army, is the man caught on video screaming at protesters, “I will fucking kill you,” while pointing his rifle at civilians, St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez told The Huffington Post Wednesday night.

Albers told the chief he was sick to his stomach and “should have known better,” Jimenez said. He has been placed on indefinite, unpaid suspension from the force while an investigation is underway.

“It’s frustrating, because we told [our officers] before we went down there that there would be lots of people trying to antagonize to provoke them into saying something,” Jimenez said. “Whether you’re a pedestrian or protesters, you have to be professional, and [Albers’] actions weren’t in any way, shape or form.” The police chief said his department supports Albers’ raising of his weapon at protesters.

He saw three to four suspects with bandanas on, and saw one of them raise a gun towards him,” Jimenez said. “That made him draw his weapon up to the crowd, and he was scanning and moving that weapon back and forth, trying to assess the scene. … Him seeing the gun in the crowd, he had every right to protect himself in fear of danger until he assessed the scene.”

Now it is becoming shockingly clear to the World just what liars these cops are. Does anyone believe these cops would have allowed someone pointing a gun at them to live? Not only are they murderers, they are horrendous liars. What these liars are doing is blaming the people for their own dastardly actions .

I gotta warn you my readers , with the massive revelation of murders and other atrocities being committed by police, states will move aggressively to criminalize citizens who videotape police in action. In fact 12 states have already done so . Making it a criminal offense to videotape cops in action , unless they the police, give permission for it to be done.


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  1. It’s a fight against law and order..It is only the beginning of the system that our dear President wants to set in order with his own private army. See how quickly they sent in the National guard..It is a socialist plot to take over America..That’s all..

    1. This is so dumb; Obama is planning to take over the country, but he’s using white cops to kill blacks first. You should be happy; at the rate at which these cops are killing blacks, pretty soon only whites will be left.

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