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Jamaica’s chief Prosecutor Paula Llewellyn:

Criminals walk free because witnesses cannot be found, Really? where the hell can anyone hide where it is impossible to find them. How can a prosecutor take a murder case to court solely on a witness statement, particularly knowing how witnesses are tampered with? Are we to believe that the Director of Public Prosecution did not know that this case was not ready for trial before filing charges? So Kartel walks on that charge. What happen to the victim’s families ? Who look after their interest?

I believe the DPP’s time has come, she should resign in the public interest. Criminals have the best lawyers doing everything in their power to get them out of jail, decent law-abiding citizens should have a fighting chance to get criminals off the streets.  In the 1980’s Jamaica saw crime tamping down when compared to the tumultuous 70’s, at the time many people berated the police force, they talked about police being unable to speak standard English, police officers were ridiculed as mere big-foot peasants.

As I pointed out in previous blog posts, I was offended when we were called to investigate one matter or another and some woman in upper Saint Andrew would ask me “where were you trained”? They simply did not believe there were any cops capable of speaking anything but patios(patwa). Incidentally today, there is a big push to have everyone in Jamaica speaking patios the reason for that is lost on me but I will leave that alone. It seem however that now arguably there are more educated people in the force, the commissioner of police has both a bachelors and a masters degree in business administration. Many of the officers in the top echelons have graduate degrees from the University of the West Indies and other institutions of higher learning.

In 1991 when I departed the force after a decade of hard work, the department was solving over 70% of serious crimes, not perfect, but better than the debatable 30% clear-up of similar offences today. Even as the force claims they are clearing up 30% of serious crimes, they are registering a lowly 5% conviction rate from that 30%, and even then some of that measly 5% are overturned on appeal.

So what’s missing? Well educated people make better cops right? Well clearly not exactly so in Jamaica. It seem that the people in the force are just cooling their heels because they cannot find employment in the field they want. So they take no risks , they do not go the extra mile , hence crime is where it is.

I believe Jamaica , a country steeped in a vicious caste system, is realizing that  degrees are not panaceas to everything. So even as they have cops who can speakie spokeie now, crime is on the rise as the proverbial Phoenix . Cops have degrees in culinary skills are promoted to Superintendent, not sure how that helps the Jamaican tax-payers, many of whom cannot buy food.

As most real cops insist, policing Jamaican streets and gullies requires a special breed, many of us left because we saw this disconnect coming. The jury is still out on how our country will fare with these (stush taparanis) elitists as their police officers.

May God help Jamaica, at least their officers can speak standard English now.


2 thoughts on “Cops Have Degrees, Citizens Gets Overcome By Crime.

  1. Not all cops are equals! Detectives used to be the “cream of the crop” if you weren’t a Detective in the police force, others “look and treat” you different. That’s why I know for a fact a desk police who has no knowledge about real policing should not and cannot lead a police force especially in a place like Jamaica. In August 1986, I went to 79 Duke Street, Kingston where I did the police test and was successful. At the time I was still in High School; I did not completed high school or sit any CXC exams. In 1987 I went to the Jamaica Police Academy as a “police cadet” on attaining the age of 18 years old I took the oath as a cop. That day was the best day of my life. It was a dream come through. A young man from the ghetto is able to realize his dreams of fighting crime and criminals. During my illustrious career as a Detective Constable at one of the toughest division in Kingston, I have done a lot of cases then and I was successful in securing convictions for these parasites that feed on the people of various communities; whether the victims were visiting, traveling on bus or going about their lawful business and became victims of crimes. I make sure they received justice at all times and the parasites paid for their crimes. CIB is not the “elite” section of the force no more! This Commissioner of Police, Mr.Owen Ellington has made it a point of duty to destroy and dismantle the CIB section! The young cops don’t even want to work there anymore, because too much stress, little promotion, too much working hours and I could go on. One thing I know for a fact, Jamaica will pay dearly for the destruction of the police force by Mr.Owen Ellington who has reduce the investigative body of the police force to nothing! This is way of paying back the Jamaican people for his arrest of corruption by the former Detective Assistant Commissioner of Police. There is no way you let a man who break into your house, after he was released by the courts due to technicality, you the house owner end up let him be the chief security guard for your house. I don’t think so! Finally, this is Jamaica and the new mantra is: “Criminals rule” if you want to start a criminal enterprise, invest in Jamaica. There are “inept, unfit, incompetent, incapable” investigators in the police force. Every one of the degree police wants to work in Air Conditioned office and give orders. No hands-on experiences of being a real police officer; investigating crimes, preventing and detecting crimes. How on earth you are going to be a good leader? The problem of the police force is not being too educated, it is being too “stupid, bone-headed, empty-headed, thick-witted, unsmarts” and not being “proactive, forward-looking and futuristic” about the police force and the investigative arm of it. Mr.Owen Ellington is the one who the Jamaican politicians and “poor people” love and want at 103-105 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. In Jamaica when the poor people love you, especially when you are the person responsible for “law and order” when majority of the populace are for “disorder” you know that something is wrong with the leader. Maybe, it is “spite” on his path to “dismantle” the police force, so his security guard company can “expand” with more locations! At this moment the police force is only going to get worse before it gets better as long as the leader of the police force is “anti-police” his hatred for the police force he leads is not hurting the smart cops but the Jamaican people who expects a certain service from the police, which is not forthcoming! I am happy this “ex-accused” was not the Commissioner of Police, when I served, because I know he would try somehow to get rid of me. Knowing me I would beating the drum against him, as he has no credibility and should not be my boss; but this is Jamaica, where criminals “rule!”

  2. Mike let us put this qualification of police officers into perspective . An educated human resource in any organisation is an important component to its development , it facilitates enormous possibilities for growth . The JCF needed this upgrade , which was virtually inconsequential ,prior to the 90’s . You yourself has confirmed the perspective of the public during your stint in the Force and I can confirm ,as I too have had similar experience , albeit not as dramatic as yours . The problem is the commitment of the ‘neo-recruits’ . I agree too that degrees certainly does not allow one to make better decision or eliminates ineptitude ,which have been poorly demonstrated in recent times.

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