In the hustle and bustle of early morning Kingston, a corrections officer took the life of his estranged wife, 42-year-old Rouleene Clarke-Gowans, also a correctional officer, as she headed to work.
Patrick Gowans, this morning shot and killed his ex-wife in front of their 12-year-old daughter who has been left traumatized according to local media.

“For years now, she and the man have problems, problems in the sense that him keep on beating her, draw him gun on her,” said Horace Copeland, half-brother to Clarke Gowans, who sought to give comfort to grieving family and friends gathered at the house near Woodpecker Avenue, Kingston 11, mid-morning.
Copeland said he had long warned his sister to break off relations with Gowans, who he described as a serial abuser.
He said that he was so incensed that his sister had secretly got married to ​Gowans that he refused to speak with her for a few years.”Them hide and go married. Me did vex!” said Copeland. “I don’t go to their house, I don’t deal with her. ‘You a go make the man kill you!’” he said, recounting the multiple warnings he gave Clarke Gowans.

In the meantime, the family is also traumatized by the stark images being circulated of the crime scene before the arrival of police.
They are appealing to the sensibilities of those who post the gruesome images on social media sites not to continue doing so out of respect.
We have opted to honor those request by not including those images in our reporting.