Detectives assigned to the Spanish Town Criminal Investigation Branch are probing the circumstances surrounding the shooting deaths of a man and a woman on Old Harbour Road in Spanish Town, St Catherine on Thursday. Those killed are 21-year-old Vaughn Smith, otherwise called ‘Mr. Cool’, and 19-year-old Serena Kerr, both of Shelter Rock in Spanish Town. The police say about 2:30 p.m, residents heard explosions in the area went to investigate and discovered the bodies.The police say Smith and Kerr were found lying in blood with gunshot wounds to the upper body.

As per usual, the report to the police is just that it will take time for a full investigative narrative to take shape., so we await the results of a full investigation.
In the meantime, the streets are talking and the story being told while sad causes one to wonder what was the decedent Vaughn Smith’s intention?
Word on the streets is that Vaughn encouraged Serena to accompany him to go purchase a gun and that did not go so well.
Unconfirmed reports indicate the young couple was robbed of their cash and then murdered by the men who were supposed to sell them the weapon/s.

It is always sad when someone loses his or her life, nevertheless, these are some of the consequences of those kinds of actions.
If the reporting is correct, one has to assume that the intention of the deceased were less than pure.
As tragic as this case is, it may very well be a case of early karma.