Crime Beast Resurges:

Police in the Island of Jamaica have all but conceded that they are unable to deal with the monster of crime in that country.

There are significant signs that the police department and the inept government have no clue how to arrest the crime problem,  (no pun intended).

Yesterday in these blogs we discussed some issues we feel are key in understanding why police officers fabricate evidence to gain convictions. We will not re-litigate that blog what we will do is talk about what seem evident to those who are interested in knowing.


                                                                           Assistant commissioner of Police Elan Powell

Yesterday we featured this man assistant Commissioner of Police Elan Powell in charge of crime in Jamaica. Assistant Commissioner Powell is a good man who loves his job, he means well. Both Powell and Senior Superintendent Wilford Gayle directly involved in criminal Investigations are two protegé  of the Constant Spring CIB under the tutelage of Noel Asphall and Rudolph Dwyer. Dwyre a superb investigator who oversaw crime and Noel Asphall a towering teddy-bear who could get the laziest of the lazy to work for free through motivation. Your blogger benefitted greatly from having being part of that office, and was privileged to play a part in keeping crime in check in our area of influence. There are many more unsung heroes who will never be rewarded or remembered because they do not fit the narrow prism of what cops are supposed to be these days in Jamaica.

The following is a transcript from the Gleaner one of Jamaica’s daily publications.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has released chilling statistics and we are still in the middle of the second month of the year. The Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) weekly crime statistics indicate that up to February 11, last year, the homicide figures stood at 114. There have been 137 cases of murder for the corresponding period this year. The crime statistics further suggested that gang violence has been the motive behind the violent killing of at least 50 persons. The gun has been used in more than 100 of the reported cases of homicides. Last month, 104 persons were murdered, while up to yesterday, close to 40 have been killed since the beginning of February.

Most dangerous places

According to the statistics, the most dangerous places at the moment are in the St Catherine North Police Division where more than 25 persons have been killed.(

Here’s what this means folks, over the corresponding period last year less Jamaicans have been killed than this year. As a pragmatist I promise you I will not over complicate this issue. Irrespective what the police and the government tell you these numbers reveals a striking tale. That tale is that this government attracts criminality as flies follows feces.

 As I have said on so many occasions this government is seen as a coddler of criminals. I opined that this government aligned itself with criminals whilst in opposition.  As the opposition party  they voted  not to allow the security forces to continue with their momentum in pursuit of criminals after Christopher Coke was routed from Tivoli Gardens. There were no dissenters, they voted as a unitary block.

This I thought was a treasonous act which should have been punishable with banishment from representational politics. Jamaicans being who they are voted them into office.

Of course the conventional wisdom on the street is that The People’s National Party then in opposition, could not allow the police to consolidate their gains as they have significantly more garrison communities than the then government of the Jamaica Labor Party.

The story the PNP which now forms the government gave for not supporting the security forces is scandalous, quote: “We do not want the security forces to violate the rights of citizens”. So they sided with the criminals !!!!

Powell reportedly told the Gleaner, a mouthpiece for the Government that , quote”We are facing some trying times and all of us will have to bond together with our effort. With this collaboration, we should get on top of things,” Assistant Commissioner Ealan Powell, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB).(

Spanish Town is exceptionally challenging and I am appealing to the mothers, the sisters and girlfriends to come forward and talk to us. It is going to take all hands on deck to ensure success,” Powell told The Gleaner.

                                                                                             This is a SOS folks:

Assistant commissioner Powell still a friend, clearly is signalling a “SOS”. That is a distress call for help.  I have long maintained that Police and government cannot acquiesce to criminal rights groups. I have long written that the rule of law must be sacrosanct. I have long argued that the rule of law must be the foundation that any society is built on.  After the rule of law has been established as a cornerstone, then society must move to make sure that the rights of individuals are protected. Not the reverse.

Percival James Patterson and Portia Simpson Miller have mortgaged  the security of Jamaica on the altar of cheap political gamesmanship and vote-getting. Groups like Jamaicans for Justice which argue that their mandate is to ensure citizens rights, have over the years thrown their support to criminals at the expense of the law enforcement community. As a result they have lost the support of a lot of ordinary Jamaicans, seen as just another criminal coddling entity in the country. This group in particular has been given carte blanch in helping to shape national security policy. The result is the Police begging for mercy from Jamaica’s urban terrorists.

Let me just say this, Assistant Commissioner Powell well-intentioned though he may be, is a supporter of the party in Government . He most certainly will be promoted before they are removed from office even if they are only  allowed a single term.  This suggest Powell and some close to him, have a bright future in the JCF . The problem with that is that it offers a dim future for Jamaica.

Powell and others came to prominence as the way forward for the JCF. The country was told that the police is a para-militar force that must be modernized, that we agreed with. What we do not agree with is that the JCF should be made into a paper tiger that is reduced to begging criminals to behave

PS: Assistant Commissioner Powell and I passed the accelerated Examinations together, we worked together at Constant Spring. Powell was a guy who loved the Office , I loved removing criminals from the streets. I knew where they lived , I knew where they dined, I knew where they slept, I knew where they procreate, I caught them where they procreate.

“Shottas” love sex and that is where I caught them, where their girls lived.

Powell stayed I left.

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  1. Mike , I cant help but notice that this blog was written in 2012 , since then much have changed . Powell is no longer Assistant Commissioner in charge crime, presently the portfolio is being managed by ACP Devon Watkiss another product of Constant Spring CIB and the crime statistics have since been modified. I will agree that historically ,crime and the major political parties have been intrinsically link and the fact that both have garrisons have exacerbate the problem . Its made even worst when one realises that often these areas are heaven for criminals . Crime management is a difficult task , and there is no silver bullet solution to arrest the problem . Its genesis is always almost as a result of immense socio-economic challenges , the Police have no say in this situation ,that’s within the government’s portfolio . How politicians address these problems indicates whether they have the political will to deal with the cause of the problems . After all one doesn’t want to disturb their elector base , that’s political suicide , consequently the Police’s task becomes more overwhelming , case in point the reign of “Dudus” . One would be naive to think that with demolition of Dudus’ enterprise ,crime would have been sustainably reduced . As long as the socio-economic conditions exist there will be many Dududses and that’s the reality . We both share the view concerning Powell. Well intention as he is , I don’t think he was the right man for the job , a pencil pusher is he , not a crime fighter . I must qualify this crime fighting usage , this in no way means hard policing its far more that although one might argue that a manager doesn’t necessarily has to have the experience of the man who is out in the field , of course that’s debatable . Watkiss is a better pick , but the task is a humongous one . I didn’t know you had passed the accelerated , that’s an immense achievement to have been recommended. I have no doubt that you would have been a tremendous inclusion to the officer corps . I new of your commitment to the cause which was commendable , don’t think you would made a dent in the Force at the time , I am sure you would agree . You would be one man against the world submerged in a sea of corrupt excrement . Your present option of migrating , certainly has done better for your quality of life . That’s my opinion at least .

    1. Well Mac, You are a discerning man, of course the Blog was written awhile back, I am also aware of the changes which take place in the JCF as per personnel movement, so does everyone else, it is public know;ledge. My point for re-posting this Article was exactly to make the point which I made then. That Powell was EXACTLY NOT the right choice for the job. This has nothing to do with me, I have done exceeding well for myself since I left, there are no regrets> Actually I do regret not leaving sooner? So my mentioning that I passed the Accelerated Exams was for context. Context being, people are quite prepared to say what the hell do you know regarding what you speak, hence my mentioning that fact which however cannot be changed for posterity. I also decided to leave on my own, no pressure from anyone!

      1. I also do not believe that we should continue to propagate the myth that crime is 1)as a result of socio-economic conditions,2) that The police cannot do more to reduce crime. It is utter rubbish those notions. First there are countries with lower standards of living than Jamaica where crime is exponentially lower, Vietnam, and many African Nations comes to mind immediately. Secondly many of the people orchestrating criminal behavior in Jamaica are really very well to do people financially.
        Which brings us back to the practical aspects of this discussion As the article was intended to show these guys being shuffled around within the JCF does nothing to reduce crime. I agree that Watkiss may have more been a better choice as crime Chief, and intimated as such in a previous blog at (archives). Even so, despite all of the education of these officers to include Watkiss and Powell etal, no one would seriously argue that these men were the best people for the job. That Train had already left. My point is, solving crime and implementing strategic policy toward lowering , if not eradicating crime, cannot be seen as tied to the fact that someone has a degree or two. Policing is a different kind of job and a lot of people in Jamaica cannot see that. Many of us left and went back to school, some did not. Common sense and IQ however re two seaperate issues, we are too hung up on degrees in Jamaica.It really is not that difficult to clean up Jamaica my friend.

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