Michael Manley
Michael Manley

On the  11th of May I wrote a blog which sought to lay the foundation so we can understand why crime is such an entrenched problem in Jamaica.
In that Article I outlined the difference Hugh Lawson Shearer was as a Prime Minister when contrasted with the others even in his own party, the Jamaica Labor Party.
In this the age of information and freedom of information laws, Shearer’s record as a leader may be accessed and scrutinized.

Hugh Lawson Shearer
Hugh Lawson Shearer

I will not seek to spoon-feed you guys on this. The Manley years which succeeded Shearer is also public record for all to look at and form their own opinions. I for one do believe there are good and bad in almost everything. The question is, does the bad out-weigh the good in an enduring way that we would most certainly have been better off without the good associated with them?
We may look at the Manley years with objectivity, and feel good about minimum-wage increase, no more bastards kids, and all the other social programs that he enacted.

We then compare them with the phenomenal increase in criminality and lawlessness due to his policy of anti-capitalism which taught lazy Jamaicans who wanted what others worked for, that people who had material wealth were vicious evil people. A policy which reinforced the notion that what they had should be taken from them and divided up among the poor.

Manley followed up those policies by telling the business class that if they did not like his socialist/communist policies they should hop onto one of the five flights per day which were leaving for Miami then.
Of course they took Manley’s advice, why would they not?
They were already been set up as enemies of the state, many were being murdered, so they took flight and they took their money with them.
They were not going to be victims of  Manley’s social engineering>.

The enduring legacy of Manley’s policies reverberates through Jamaica to this day.
The country which had a Ministry of (Mobilization) whatever the hell that meant , has struggled to redefine itself beyond the dependent aggressive violent abrasive people we are seen as , always with a hand stretched out.
That is not to say that was the vision Manley had for the country, the opposite is probably closer to the truth. However once the proverbial genie was let out of the bottle there was no putting it back.

Once oppressed and underprivileged people were allowed to move into people’s homes  take them over, take over their businesses, do nothing  but collect paychecks the country would never be the same again.
Why would the people want another party in the mix? This party is great , “we do as we please, what’s not to like”?

This saw an almost marginalization of the other party, which as some argue is now nothing more than a filler party.
A filler Party they argue which is there solely to fill in when the nation is tired of the PNP.  Political  developments over the last three to four decades makes it a bit difficult to argue with those assertions.

This aggressive nature which was created by the Ministry of propaganda oc> (mobilization) was not simply going to dissipate simply because the so-called rich had fled the country, after all, greed and envy ,like all other predators, needs prey.

Once the rich had left the greed and envy was turned within.
Which leads us to the present crime situation.