Over the last couple of weeks, I received a couple of text messages from my eye doctor’s office saying their records indicated that I am due for an inspection. Mind you this is in addition to my Doctor insisting that my sweet tooth may cause me to end up with diabetes.
Oh, I almost forgot that my Dentist insists I need to come in for a deeper cleaning than the one I had not too long ago.

The reason all of these professionals are calling me in, well that’s the way they make money. They have my information because when I need to have my eyes checked I went to see an eye Doctor. When I needed general check up I went to see a general practitioner and of course a general practitioner though imminently qualified as a Medical Doctor would not be the best choice to give dental advice so I went to see a Dentist.


It’s incredible to me that those tasked with the security of an entity, any entity, much less a country would devise crime strategies without competent law enforcement expertise and serious input.
Education: “The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university”.

There is a kind of ill-informed mindset in Jamaica which gives rise to the view that a person with some education, regardless of the discipline in which he/she may have done their studies, the person is then qualified in all things.
Using that inane logic makes a lot of sense to go to a Ph.D. to have your heart surgery done.[sic]

I hear the arguments of those who say, well maybe they cannot depend on the Jamaican police officers past and present to craft crime reduction strategies because they were the ones tasked with the job of crime reduction and that has not worked out quite so well.
I’ve always said nine plus one is ten but the quality of the 10 may be tainted if the nine and or the one was arrived at improperly.
The end result may seem right even though the methodology used to arrive at the answer is fundamentally flawed.


Sure the Police in Jamaica could have done a way better job over the decades.
Nevertheless they have had to deal with hovering political interference from both active political parties and even the defunct ones.
I recall seeing my face and a couple of my colleagues, on the cover of the communist publication The Struggle years ago, to the best of my recollection the headline blared “Terrorist cops“.

Our sin was to appropriately ensure that WPJ thugs did not breach the fence at Jamaica house during one of their demonstration against the Seaga Government.
At the time they wanted to breach the perimeter fence to get on the grounds of the premises the Prime Minister Edward Seaga was in the building.
To Trevor Monroe’s credit, he apologized to me in front of my colleague Jerry Wallace and his sister Mrs. White over lunch at his sister’s restaurant on Dunrobin Avenue sometime later.

Political interference is crippling to effective law enforcement. It cannot be fun to be accountable to the public to keep crime under control while dealing with sabotage from your civilian bosses who systematically engage in subversion using myriad tactics and strategies.
As difficult as that is political administrations of both the JLP and the PNP have engaged in promoting a culture of crime through the institutionalization of the gun and bad-man culture in order to ensure their political survival.

Additionally, over the decades operatives of both major political parties have actively engaged in criminal conduct from the theft of public funds, systematic corruptive practices and even issuing guns to the Island’s poor unemployed youths to kill others from the opposing party.
On the other hand, they have colluded with criminals, used their political clout to remove from police custody dangerous murderers and in other cases facilitated the flight from justice of other criminals including cop killers.

Jamaica’s Laborites and Kumreds have systematically dismantled our country over the years since 1962 with a few bright spots here and there in between. A country’s direction is set by its leaders not the other way around.
As a consequence we do not fire the team (the people), we seek new leadership by firing the coaches the(political leaders).

As the Island’s homicide rates continue to gallop away from authorities, St James the Tourism mecca of the western part of the country and the West Indies has seen a record 158 murders since the start of the year and Sunday, July 24th.
There were 140 homicides reported to police for the same period last year.
But the high murder rate is not confined to just the western parishes. Across the country, the blood-letting and general sense of lawlessness continue to dominate the news.

Two AK 47 rifles, 15 other guns, ammo found in cargo at GNIC

The police have done an admirable job recovering hundreds of guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition in their encounters with lawless elements.
Working with the Island’s Customs they have managed to confiscate several contraband shipments of guns, ammunition, ballistic vests and even grenade launchers which indicate that we are not playing small ball anymore.
What is mystifying to this writer is the reason behind the seeming lack of investigative probity which would lead to prosecution, and ultimately the jailing of principals behind the guns and ammunition smuggling into the country.

Despite the successes of the security forces, I am left with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that what the security forces are recovering at the wharves are “gimmies” gifts to authorities, while bigger shipments pass through unimpeded.
The inability of the police to investigate and bring to justice a single gun smuggler should be a cause for concern for the country and is a serious indictment on the capabilities and I daresay the integrity of the security forces.

The burgeoning murder numbers and the general lawlessness is frightening in and of themselves as such the Prime Minister’s new initiative the Special zones law may seem like a panacea to some, much the same way the INDECOM act was seen by those appalled at police corruption and yes the police haters too.
What we have seen is that in real terms INDECOM is a success only in the eyes of the head of that agency and his supporters.  The terrifying increase in crime as a result of that nonsensical leg shackle of a law is cold comfort to those whose loved ones have been taken from them.

The special zones law is the brain child of politicians, and people intent on the retention of the status quo, not the police. In the meantime, heavily armed gangs of terrorists continue to rule the streets while the government worries about infringing on their rights.
Before a beautiful building is constructed the process of ground clearing and foundation laying is important.
Failing to lay the appropriate foundation means that like two out of three of the little pigs the Government is building a house of straws and sticks.
Next time the big bad wolves come they may not be as easily routed as those in 2010 were.