The process by which Jamaica evolved into its present lawless state did not occur overnight, even as I am tempted to say it will not be resolved overnight I won’t because that would be too predictable.

Jamaica’s Terrorism problem has been a slow but steady burn. Needless to say that burn has ebbed and flowed based on the political administration’s attitude at any given time.

Before we get to how are we going to deal decisively with this little problem we must first acknowledge that the fixes employed overtime and the fixes being proposed are mere reactions to the murder rate, not tangible sustainable solutions.

So even as the little power players in the Senate debate Special zones bill recently passed in the lower chamber, the anticipated results after passage will be just as negligible as all of the other anti-crime initiatives before it.

I wish I had a dollar for my many friends who tell me to lay off and give the bill time. They say after passage we will see whether it works or not.
With all due respect to my friends, I don’t need to wait to know that pouring water into a basket is a futile effort.

The fact of the matter is that the fixes being put forth in this bill are a dollar short and a day late.
The Island does not need another anti-crime law, neither does it require another special police anti-crime task force if the attitude toward the rule of law and law enforcement continues.

Jamaicans have a very high tolerance for lawlessness, the politicians know it, the criminal Dons know it and the gang leaders know it.
If I said it once, I must have said it a thousand times.
This lawlessness is fed by the acquiescence of not just the locals but by Government and civil society.
Here ‘s a novel concept ………
What would happen if the government called out the military and police and tell them to go get the criminals?

The first pushback would be the howls of condemnation from the usual quarters. You know them they act smart, act like they are human rights advocates, but are little more than cheap opportunistic leeches.
Then there are the legions of village lawyers who know how everything should be done but have never done anything.
Not to forget the prognosticators and pundits, the pontificates and the purists who have access to the airwaves.
They who shape public opinions and perceptions, night and day, telling the uninformed masses that the skies are falling.

Unfortunately for the uninformed masses, it seems that they alone are bleeding, not the self-proclaimed elites who live behind the high walls of the gated communities.
But what would happen if the Government ignored the village lawyers, pundits, and prognosticators?
What if the administrators simply ignored the provocateurs and the bleeding heart frauds who only care about dead criminals but have no love for the thousands of innocents dead?

You know what would happen?
The mindless terrorists would get the message that the government will not tolerate their shit anymore and things would change.
In order to eradicate this monster from our midst, a government must first undertake its primary function,
That function is the safety and protection of the population. Everything else is peripheral, inconsequential until we have safety and security.

These killers are killing because they know no one is coming after them.
The attitude of the administration must be to launch an all-out attack on Jamaica’s terrorists and if need be drive them into the sea.
There should be no respite until these murdering scums are dealt full force with full force.

To the bleeding heart perfectionist who have a problem seeing the blood of murderers, you hypocrites have no problem with the blood of innocent victims, including children and little babies.
You are modern day Pharisees who have no desire to see the end of the bloodletting as long as you can get some legitimacy from it.
You are heathens.

The politicians, too preoccupied with the trappings of power and the desire to get power does not care a rat’s ass about the multiple dead bodies each day, for them, it is a numbers game which they see as a means to score cheap political points.
Up to June 24th, 697 people were reported killed. That number does not include the many others who have been shot but survived or may have died later.

In a matter of 181 days, 697 people were slaughtered.
That translates to just under 4 living breathing Jamaicans having their lives snuffed out by the Island’s terrorists.
In addition to the carnage on the roads and the other deaths, it is no wonder that funerals are now sporting events.
No worries, pour the rum and go heavy on the curry goat and white rice , everything irie.

Jamaica got on a path of caring about the lives of known killers, In a  twisted Orwellian alternate universe that exists today the lives of heartless murderers are much more treasured than the lives of their innocent victims.
This sick twisted love affair with criminals, taught by the bourgeoisie from upper St Andrew has brought our country to the edge of ruin and there is none to say enough of this shit.
Those of you who believe this will be fixed by social intervention and social engineering are even more stupid that you sound.
A country and a  people who erect barriers to their own success are doomed to failure and disaster.