Criminal Negligence Or Criminal Murder?

Mario Deane

Mario Deane

The beating death of Mario Deane while in the custody of the St James Police ,has once again shown the Police to be still an inept Law Enforcement Agency at best and in the eyes of some, a grossly abusive and corrupt Force.

The problem for the Police is that there is no happy medium between those two perceptions. Dean was arrested for possession of a marijuana cigar and was awaiting bail when the beating occurred. There are reports which indicate that someone had show up to post bail for Deane but had not satisfied  all of the Bail requirements and was told to return to the Barnett Street Station where Dean was being held..

Deane in hospital

Deane in hospital

Also in the public domain is speculation that Dean may have had less than kind words for the Police and was subsequently sent back to the lockup on that basis. The Police, for it’s part have never missed an opportunity to show it’s incompetence, went ahead and told the public that Dean fell from his Bunk and injured himself.

This defies logic or common sense. 1)Did the Police hierarchy see this picture of Mario Deane before they went to the public with that story?

2) Did the Command at Barnett street get that information from the prisoners who shared Dean’s cell or did the Police concoct that story as is being argued all over social media and beyond?

The Police have since charged two men with the beating death of Dean.Those charged with Deane’s death are Marvin Orr,35, from  Portland and Adrian Morgan, 25 from Westmoreland. How could the Police not know that giving varying accounts of what happened would have incurred the venomous wrath of a population which prefers criminals to the rule of law?

Whatever the truth surrounding the beating death of Mario Dean’s it cannot be that both stories are true.

If the men charged with beating him are guilty, the police could not have . If the Police beat Mario the men charged could not have done so. The Police may be accused of willful complicity by not responding when he screamed. They may have been negligent by not paying attention to their duties. They may even be complicit by giving the inmates a wink and a nod to assault mister Dean. The truth of the matter is, we do not yet know what the facts are.

Irrespective of the truth in this case, the Police High Command have bungled this case as they have done pretty much everything else they have been tasked with. This is bad , it looks bad and it smells bad. The Hierarchy of the force should have been on this investigation and properly briefed the family and public immediately.

This would have meant assigning a team of Detectives immediately they were informed of this. Those Detectives, if competent, would have been able to tell immediately whether the wounds on Mario Deane were consistent with someone falling from a bed. Someone falling from a bed would suffer one or two wounds, not multiple wounds or abrasions.

Some of the criticisms I have heard is that the victim mister Dean did not have any defensive wounds to his hands etc. As a trained Detective I can tell you someone can be beaten without having any defensive wounds. This would occur if the person was rendered unconscious with an opening blow .

Whatever the truth of this case the Police have shown once again they are willing to give ammunition to their critics because of their incompetence.





3 thoughts on “Criminal Negligence Or Criminal Murder?

  1. Well Mike , six officers have since been interdicted and it suspended due to the persistence of the relative of the deceased The questions you asked are valid ones . Certainly there are many questions to be answered and only a transparent investigative process will help to mitigate the wrath of irate relatives and militant civil society groups . There are two sides to every story , I will reserve my opinion until due process protocol is observed . As it is , from a legal perspective , hearsay and conjecture are not admissible evidence .

    • All we are saying is let the Investigations play out. Jamaica is a lawless country that elevates criminals over police. If the police is to be crucified at least let there be an investigation and trial first.

  2. He in fact didn’t have any defensive wounds on his hands which leaves so many holes in the stories being given by the police

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