I have been following case dispositions and sentences meted out in individual cases and what I found gave me much cause for alarm.
This prompted me to begin writing about the discrepancies, inconsistencies, and disparities in the way the courts are approaching the dispensation of justice.
Repeat murderers are granted bail as a matter of course. Judges argue the question of bail should not be seen as a means of punishment and as such, every person accused of a crime is entitled to bail.

Not true, but they know it is what the public wants to hear.
The Bail Act. Categorically stipulates that an accused may be denied bail (a) based on the nature of the crimes he is accused of committing, (b) the likelihood he will interfere with[kill] witnesses, (c) that the offender may not show up to answer to the charge(s) against him/her.


So the next time you hear judges proffer the lies they have been spouting on this issue, understand that the law gives them ample cover to protect the public from dangerous killers.
When they release alleged murderers back onto the streets they do so of their own volition and not as a consequence of the dictates of the laws.

One murder accused was granted bail up to six separate times, killing each of the six times he was allowed out on bail after being charged with murder, yes murder. Then he finally decided to simply flee the jurisdiction.
Light touch sentences for violent egregious crimes under the guise that the courts must assist offenders, and a general mindset that the feelings of crime victims do not count.
The social conscience and the liberal thinking of judges take precedence over the dictates of the laws they are sworn to follow and uphold.

Recently the Police prepared a document which outlined some of those very discrepancies in the sentences meted out for similar crimes.
Having seen first-hand how certain judges treat violent and repeat offenders with a cavalier attitude I was already conversant of what obtained in many courtrooms on a daily basis.
For years the nation’s police officers have complained about the light sentences and the revolving doors which the justice system became as a result of the nonchalance displayed by most judges towards violent criminals.
As a frontline cop, I know all too well how dangerous guys we arrested would laugh and brag that they would be out on bail in no time.They were always right.
Sure Judges are supposed to operate impartially and free from political intrusion into their work, that cannot be overemphasized but we must never forget that with that degree of freedom comes a tremendous responsibility to be judicious and be good stewards of that sacred trust.
That trust cannot be a foundation on which is built and created, a monarchistic system of unaccountability and malfeasance.

The unprecedented uprising of the Judges against the duly constituted Prime Minister’s authority was icing on the cake and I believe that once and for all that veneer of impartiality has been removed from what most police officers knew was a facade.
Sure each case is different and each case has mitigating components, nevertheless, judges should not disregard the law and most importantly the very real feelings and emotions of crime victims and supplant them with their own sense of far-left social liberalism.

There have always been great judges in our country and there are also really bad judges as well. I know for a fact that many law enforcement officers literally gave up trying to run down criminals at great risk to themselves only to see them returned to the streets the same day.
When Judges and the defense attorneys graduate from the very same left-wing Institution a phone call fixes many problems.
Certain attorneys can get anything done regardless of the crime his/her client committed, and oh by the way the law be damned.

The average person looks at the police in the fight against criminal networks, understandably because the police are the first and most visible line of defense between us and those who would do us harm.
The question of corruption is also viewed much the same way. It is, therefore, an improper and misguided attribution of culpability to the police alone when in many cases they did their jobs.
The courts have a huge responsibility in the containment of crime and it has failed miserably. As the final arbiter when the courts fail it creates the domino effect which we are witnessing in the massive failure of the justice system today.

The police cited almost two hundred (200) verifiable cases of murder in which the killers were allowed out on bail in cases they should be locked up for.
To date, there has been no meaningful response from the Court Management Services, the agency which speaks for judges, and neither is there a response from Delroy Chuck the Justice Minister.
Those cases reflect only what the police can confirm, which indicates that the problem is far more serious and systemic than we know.

Jamaican judges should not be allowed to usurp our democracy with their far left liberal worldviews which are killing our people and destroying our country.
There is only one way to deal appropriately with criminals who kill and that is with maximum force. Criminals must fear the power of the state, the state must fear the power of law-abiding citizens.
In 2010 a huge coming together of criminal gangs tested the power and resolve of the state. The security forces went in to re-establish the authority of the state and were shockingly maligned by both political parties for political mileage.
Since then, the weaponry of the criminal underworld has gotten exponentially more modern and sophisticated.
The question is, will the Government and people be able to count on the security forces to save them the next time the gangland forces decide to flex their muscles?
Chew on that for a moment.