One of the many things I learned about Policing in Jamaica, is that it is not a job that you give your all to, It does not pay well, it is a thankless job and most of all you are basically on your own in times of trouble even if you are dead right.

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Former Inspector Dadrick Henry:

The year 1987 I was I was one of a group of four officers transferred temporarily from the Mobile Reserve to Constant Spring CIB . I was a young officer with 5 years service in the JCF. Within those 5 years I had seen service at the then Beat and Foot Patrol located at the bottom of West Street, regular Uniform duties at the Mobile Reserve, and the crack Rangers squad operating out of the said Mobile Reserve. Contrary to the noise you hear now about social engineering and elitist policing we got results.

The purpose of our transfer was to fill the gargantuan shoe-prints left by the indomitable Cornwall (bigga) Ford who had cemented a name for himself in the Saint Andrew North Police Area. The fear was, that crime would escalate with Ford leaving for CIB Headquarters.

On our arrival there that man whose portrait you see above was Corporal of Police, attached to the CIB office, no cop, Detective or aide to any detective was more effective than Dadrick Henry. On my first day learning the area I took a loaded .38 revolver from the waist-band of well know carrear criminal alias (chicken-toe). My very first collar in that precinct.

Dadrick Henry and myself was to later anchor one of the most successful duo ever to be stationed anywhere in the country. Our record of success speak, for itself , we removed murderers and guns from the streets, gained convictions, which meant they paid for their crimes. We  recovered  stolen property so much stolen property the media had to aid us to have people come into the Constant Spring Police Station to identify their property. People came from all over the country.,The Store-House overflowed, there was no room to store recovered property. Most Importantly we provided a deterrent to gang and don activity in the entire St Andrew North Police area. Dadrick Henry had a nose for sniffing out criminals, like a trained sniffer-Dog. We took innumerable amounts of guns from the streets. I told my friend , “Leave some of you for you, I reiterated that message over the years whenever we spoke.

Detective Inspector Noel Asphall then our Boss would put under-performing cops to work with us as punishment, after a few weeks they would say they have had enough they had learned their lesson. We were always on duty, and the criminals knew it. Dadrick Henry is not perfect, he had a temper, he took the job sometimes a little too seriously. I warned him about that, I sometimes acted as a good-cop to his bad cop persona, it worked for what we wanted to accomplish, it worked to keep him out of trouble.

Dadrick Henry stayed on with the JCF , he wasn’t perfect, but he was a cops cop. After I left he got into trouble, he lost his job, he was convicted of using excessive force. I cannot speak to that, I simply wasn’t there. All I know is that he did his job. The force had no more use for his kind, he was tough, he produced results, he was no nonsense. This new force belongs to Carolyn Gomes of the criminal rights lobby JFJ.

Today sadly,this is  Dadrick Henry’s story :

Four years without earning a cent

Fearless veteran cop Dadrick Henry yearns for better treatment by police force.He has been shot twice in the line of duty and stabbed in both arms by a enraged criminal. But after serving his country for 35 years, embattled cop Inspector Dadrick Henry is almost a broken man. He has been after four years in the wilderness for four your without even earning a cent.

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4 thoughts on “DADRICK HENRY , A CASE STUDY:

  1. Mike , hard Policing , the type executed by Dadrick and others in the 80’s ,was relevant then and produced results . There were, unfortunately, immense challenges and human rights concerns that affected its longevity . This is not the appropriate forum to discuss and elaborate on this particular issue , I would instead best utilise the little space to endorse your observation of the man, Dodrick . He was an incredible , dedicated and hard working police officer . His work ethic was admirable and commendable . Unfortunately, the “politics” within the force at that time , starved him of elevation,despite his accomplishment . As a young detective , I had the opportunity of working with this prodigy of a detective in the 80’s and I must say he had a proclivity to see a man with a gun from an eagles eye perspective , identify a criminal in a suit and challenge the most dangerous offenders. The Force was never kind to Dodrick , he had his demons , perhaps created by the Force itself which had a ripple effect within his personal space We are not perfect , and we all have our skeleton in closets . Unfortunately when the dust clears , Dodrick will not be remembered for his contribution to the Force but his missteps. God bless him .

  2. Jamaicans, and the Jamaican government, politicians don’t want police officer like him, they want the “Ellington’s and the James Forbes’s” well spoken and illiterate to being a realist and fearless crime fighters.” The days of being a no nonsense or name brand cops is a thing of the past. The PNP and JLP celebrate with the outcome of this matter. The politicians hate police

  3. work with him at lucea/ nice man good friend bad enemy wish him all the best hope he writes a book . if any one have any connection to help him to do so. it would be gladly appreciated . as long as the force is there there all ways gona dadricks . i left a couple young ones down there recently

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