Amber Guyger, the Dallas Police officer who shot Botham Shem Jean in his own apartment, now claims Jean failed to follow her commands when she illegally entered his apartment prompting her to fire twice hitting him once in the torso killing him.


Guyger first claimed that she entered the apartment using her key, she now claims that the door to Botham Shem Jean’s apartment was ajar and so she entered believing it was her apartment.
She said the apartment was in darkness and she was only able to see the figure of Jean when she unholstered her weapon and ordered him to show his hands before firing twice.

However, a neighbor of Jean’s has challenged Amber Guyger’s story that mister Jean’s apartment door was slightly ajar.
She reportedly told police she heard Amber Guyger yelling for Botham Shem John to open the door upon which she opened fire killing him in the process.