Dathan (Duffy) Henry: Rest In Peace My Friend, Rest In Peace.

 Yesterday whilst attending a wedding I realized I had missed a call from my friend George.  Despite our friendship George doesn’t call often. So I thought it must be important, I’ll return his call right away.

George never missed an opportunity to remind me that I was one of the few people who always answered my phone whenever he called.  I always reminded myself that George never answered his phone when I call.  I decided to call back as soon as I saw the missed call. He picked up the phone and I hurriedly told him I was attending a wedding , hence I had disabled the ringer temporarily. He told me “I won’t keep you, I do however have some devastating news“.

My heart stopped..

Then he uttered the fateful words Duffy Henry is dead.


                                                                                 Senior Superintendent Dathan (Duffy) Henry

George, (Duffy) Henry and a lot of  other good cops served with yours truly at the Constant Spring CIB during the late 80’s, a great group of guys, hard-working, dedicated, smart. That group includes now Assistant Commissioner of Police Ealan Powell, Superintendent Colin Pinnock, SSP Wilford Gayle, Devon Watkis, Dean Taylor and a number of other men who now make up the upper echelons of the Constabulary gazetted ranks. Many benefited from the accelerated promotions which placed them on a fast track to the leadership spots they now occupy.

After I emigrated in the early 90’s some men left the department, others stayed and continued serving. I never missed a oppurtunity to question those who stayed on the occasion we speak , ” why do you continue to do it”?

Today I mourn the loss of my friend.

Those he served knew him as mister Henry, to us his friends he was simply “Duffy” Broad smile, big laugh, effervescent, gregarious, affable,available, honest , hard working, ambitious, , intelligent, caring, willing to learn, smart, brave, capable. Those are some of the adjectives which I  assign to my friend, and they do not begin to tell the story of the man, the friend, the professional.

You were bigger and better than anything they may say about you from the corner of their mouths my friend . You were simply bigger and better than they can ever articulate.

Rest in peace my friend…………………………………… Rest in peace.