A person feeling ill generally seek medical attention. A medical professional (doctor)then diagnose what ails the person, then counsels the individual  on treatment methods.
It’s up to the party feeling ill to decide whether to trust the recommendations of the Doctor or get a second or even a third opinion. Generally there may be variations in the treatment methods but if the initial examination was done properly the diagnosis seldom change. Even though different doctors may have differing opinions on the prognosis.
Simply put, if you have cancer , you have cancer, you may decide whether you want Kemo- therapy, try a holistic natural approach or sit and wait to die.


The same is true for a country experiencing the ravages of crime. It may chose to pursue the same path it has always chosen for itself, which has not changed a single thing, engage in radical change , or simply sit and wait to be destroyed by it.
The problems which persisted twenty five years ago when I was a young Jamaican cop are the problems of today multiplied ten-fold.
The very same people who told people who called into their radio talk shows to complain about police to stone the police stations are the very same people offering up excuses and justifications for the Island’s inordinate crime numbers over two decades later.

According to some statistical estimates 30.1% of the country’s people were aged between 0 and 14. In addition, 62.3% were between 15 and 64 years of age while 7.6% of the population of Jamaica were aged 65 and over in 2011.
This generally means that the majority of the population are younger people who came of age in the post-independence era. This means a large segment of the population has no concept of a Jamaica of relative peace and tranquility.

It comes as little surprise then that the lesser educated people would not fully respect the societal norms and dictates of say the 1960’s when the country was a more cerebral and pleasant place.
Those  who could be considered educated are probably more indoctrinated than educated. The sources of their education having been institutions of indoctrination in how not to respect social order.

All things considered the political philosophies which have dominated the country’s political landscape for the greater part of the time since it’s supposed independence from Great Britain has been populist liberal dogma . Ironically even as the country’s stratagems prove ineffective in curtailing crime the brain-dead ideological puppet-masters double-down refusing to change.
They cling to failed ideologies which has brought nothing but ruination and chaos as they grasp desperately at ways to convince others that life is not so bad.
That other places have crime, that people from other nations have no right saying Jamaica is not a pleasant paradise but an extremely violent place.

The Jamaica Umbrella Group of Churches some of the few able to see through the haze of ganga-smoke , alcohol and decadence said in a statement.
Quote :  In recent weeks, Jamaica has witnessed the gruesome murders of businessman Trevor Meikle, Corporal Judith Williams and United States missionaries Harold Nichols and Randy Hentzel. “The JUGC extends deepest sympathy and condolences to their families and friends, members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the people of Albion Mountain, St Mary, and the people of the United States. The groups of churches pray that God’s presence and comfort will under-gird these loved ones in this difficult time.” The JUGC, in a release yesterday, said that it has taken note of how life has become very cheap to some people and that contract killing speaks to the depth of depravity and moral bankruptcy that are being experienced in the minds of people”.(Source jamaicaobserver)

Former Minister of National Security Peter Bunting also called for divine intervention as a means to fixing the Island’s crime problem during his sojourn as Minister. The present Minister of National Security Robert Montague too invoked divine intervention as a means to fixing the problem.
I won’t tell anyone what to believe but if praying is all you do it’s not enough.
Even as I personally welcome the Church’s input into the discourse I owe it to them to explain that praying to God to fix our problems is exactly not the way to go about seeking solutions for our problems.
In fact praying and seeing no result is destructive as it relates to bringing new converts to the faith.
God established this world on principles, cause-effect, action-consequence, negative-positive. As my Pastor succinctly puts it handle the things you can handle and the things you can’t  handle ask God to handle those.
When we can’t handle them God will. He simply won’t handle what we clearly can but refuses to.

Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt was caught between the red sea and Pharaoh’s army . Moses decided to kneel and pray, a silly strategy with an advancing army coming up in a hurry. God commanded Moses to get up and cast his rod across the red sea, according to the Bible the ocean opened up and the people passed through .
Whether one believe those accounts or not , metaphorically the message remain the same. We have to do for ourselves.
Literally every miracle (not magic) that Jesus wrought was inclusive of participation from the beneficiary of the miracle.
♦Go fill up the Jars with water.( before they were turned into wine).
♦Go show yourself to the Priest.
♦Go wash thyself in the Jordan River , (this one required much faith as the Jordan river was extremely dirty at the time).
♦Pick up thy bed and walk.
♦Stretch forth thy hand.
♦Go thy way and sin no more.
♦Bring me the loaves and the fish.
Jamaica has the means to eliminate most of the heinous crime plaguing the Island, the people choose to avoid doing anything about and so they must and will continue to pay the price.


LOADED: This man was loaded with liquor at the funeral service for the four family members killed in a motor vehicle accident, in Clarendon, in June 2006. - File (obits.com photo)
LOADED: This man was loaded with liquor at the funeral service for the four family members killed in a motor vehicle accident, in Clarendon, in June 2006. – File
(obits.com photo)

Denial, faux-patriotism, rationalizing, nuancing, hair-splitting, lying, false-paralleling, justifying,equivocating, none of these actions will change the situation .
The fact is that there are too many people involved in eating a food from crime.
As such speaking out about it will always bring howls of condemnation from certain quarters .We don’t all want the same thing. Jamaicans have an ingrained love affair with criminal behavior. The culture has become increasingly tolerant and acquiescent to the criminal way of life as the population gets younger.


Politicians, police, clergy, judges Lawyers and everyone in between are heavily invested in crime , it has become an economic reality.
People depend on murder to send their children to school. An entire sub-culture has emerged out of the blood-drenched soil . Funerals are not somber occasions as they once were , they are opportunities to showcase the latest  hairstyles and fashion.
Bands make money at funeral celebration[sic]. Funeral parlors have sprung up in numbers , almost paralleling churches and rum-bars.
Carpenters, Masons, Sound-system, and the multitude of vendors who show up at funeral sites like vultures  feeding on a carcass.
Such are the realities ……

The website obitz.com in an article said quote :In Jamaica we’ve noticed that funerals are increasingly becoming centres for entertainment and revelry. Dance-hall lyrics are recited in processions, and at some cemeteries the latest dancehall music is played from massive speakers. In some respects this is not dissimilar to the jazz funerals in New Orleans, where the band accompanies the mourners to the cemetery. But most of the lyrics in the Jamaican popular culture neither have relevance to the Bible nor pretend to manifest a theological dimension. http://www.obitsjamaica.com/traditions/jamaican_funeral_traditions

According to world population review Jamaica is a small island, but it makes up for its size with a high population density in comparison with much of the rest of the world. The total surface area here is just 10,991 square kilometres (4,244 square miles) and this makes Jamaica the 166th largest nation on earth, when it comes to geographical area.  For every square mile of Jamaican territory, however, there is an average of 252 people here, which converts to 656 per square mile and makes it the 49th most densely populated country in the world. 39% of Jamaica’s residents live in parish capitals, according to the 2011 census, and the population of the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA) and all parish capitals was 1.04 million, which is a 5% increase since 2001. KMA alone has 88% of the parishes of St Andrew and Kingston.


The Elite in Jamaica cannot be unaware of these facts so as many including this writer wring our hands at the continued shedding of blood there may very well be a plan by the powerful elites in Jamaica to control population density by doing nothing about it as a way at solving population density.