This morning I continued in my attempt to bring attention and parity to the unfair roll-out of the Pay-stations on Main street in the City of Poughkeepsie.

I called the Mayor’s office, a woman who said she was sitting in for the Mayor’s Secretary took my call, she was pleasant and helpful. I gave her the reason for my call and she promised she would have the relevant person return my call.

garbage strew 500 block of main street
garbage strewn 500 block of main street

About twenty minutes later I received a call from the City’s Administrator, Milo Bunyi. Mister Bunyi  appeared concerned and empathetic with my arguments about the way the pay stations have been installed.

Much to my dismay the Administrator informed me that the decision to stop the installation of meters at Main and White was the decision of the Common Council. In fact he indicated that the Administration wanted to install more pay stations in another heavily used area, which would allow them to lower parking rates and the Council would have none of it.

It appears that politics is at play in matters as simple as where parking meters are placed.

The Idea of parking meters for revenue in Cities and towns is in no way a new or novel idea. The pay stations will not be removed by the City, let’s be reasonable . My contention is this, since the city has decided to implement a pay to park system, it should be done in a just and equitable manner.

In this picture we are looking East along Main street from the 500 Block, up to the 600 and beyond .One does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand what area has free parking . Clearly in the distance past the lights at Main and White there are vehicles parked freely . From the point of where the photograph was taken on the 500 Block there are no parked vehicles. The reason is that there are parking meters there.

The idea of selective placement of these pay stations, gives an unfair advantage to business owners in areas where there are no meters. I again call on the City to either purchase more meters and install them, or roll back the pay for park until this matter can be properly hashed out and re-implemented in an equitable and just fashion.