One of the things I have consistently spoken to regarding the lawlessness on the streets of Jamaica is the inability or reluctance of the police to effect arrests.
In a video this weekend we saw a senior officer taking charge………. (sort of)…….and bringing order to a situation which should have been under control long before it was done.

The pervasive lawlessness on the Island’s roadways put the lives of the traveling public and police officers at extreme risk.
Every year hundreds of Jamaicans are killed in traffic crashes which are totally preventable. Traffic crashes are quite different from traffic accidents which are occurrences in which drivers played no culpable part in creating.

all hands on deck is necessary to effect the arrest.

Speeding. dangerous driving. illegal overtaking. impaired driving. tailgating. overloading. are only a few of the reasons that traffic crashes occur.
On the other hand, vehicles overturning on breakaway roads in situations in which the driver was not guilty of any of the aforementioned vices are more in the vein of what is quantified as traffic accidents, et al.

Minibus drivers and the phalanx of taxi operators now traversing the roadways have made the job of the police exponentially and ever increasingly difficult even as it endangers the traveling public.

It is for this reason that I have said that senior cops must be on the streets (superintendents, SSP’s and ACP’s ) to ensure that the laws are obeyed and just as importantly, that our young officers do not get preyed upon by the vultures in waiting, when they are forced to take action.

Arrests still not been done the correct way(loop image)

It cannot be overemphasized that at the very first sign that a person being spoken to for an infraction becomes abusive and belligerent he/she must be brought under control by placing them in handcuffs.

In the video, I viewed the senior officer has the belligerent, threatening and abusive motorist by the back of the pants, good, but there was another officer standing around with the cuffs and of course the ever-present wallflower female officer standing around as a spectator.

In the chaotic scene, civilians are standing around in the sphere of operation which places them at risks and places the officers at risks themselves, including legal jeopardy.
Most importantly after the cop finally placed the cuffs on the subject he allowed him to walk away mouthing off in a threatening way when he should have been decisively and immediately placed in the police vehicle.

Many people cheered the arrests, the village lawyers criticize, personally, I hope that this video will be used as a training tool (what not to do)even though luckily it ended well for the police this time.

Nothing deters people from resisting arrests than the distinct knowledge that they will be decisively and immediately arrested. Officers must use the requisite force to gain compliance, it must be done at the first sign of belligerence and done swiftly.

The Police cannot get the liberal leftist’s courts to administer the laws as it relates to resisting arrests and assaulting police officers but they damn sure can effect arrests in a way that makes would be resisters think twice and maybe three times before doing it.

This is outdated nonsense, it is not working.

This is not idle talk at the time of my service when I tell you-you are under arrests you know not to resist. As I have said repeatedly, whatever is in the training manual is not working.
What is being done at the Academy is outdated, it has no relationship to what officers face on the streets. It must be scrapped and real policing training brought into the curriculum.