A couple of things came up recently which are worth documenting.
(1) Ninjaman was convicted of murder, not to be disrespectful of anyone’s intellect but it’s worth mentioning that getting convicted of murder means that you intentionally killed someone.
With that said, we’ll wait to see if stardom will impact justice in this case as we expect it to, so I’ll have much more to say about this after he is sentenced.

Desmond Ballentine o/c Ninjaman




(2) Yesterday I wrote about the harm “sentence reduction” is doing and will be doing going forward. In that article, I made mention of Phillip Brown who murdered his pregnant ex-girlfriend then wrapped her body in a tarpaulin and dumped the tarp in a gully.
Since then the courts have sentenced the accused Brown to 15 years under the sentence reduction day fiasco.
He basically got a slap on the wrist for what is a double murder and the state got nothing for its largess.





Phillip Brown…..

Phillip Brown was charged with cracking his girlfriend’s skull with a hammer he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and will be eligible for parole after serving 10 years. Brown took advantage of sentence reduction day by pleading guilty to killing his pregnant girlfriend and was promptly rewarded with a slap on the wrist.


I want to be on the record once again making the case that Delroy Chuck’s attempt at returning dangerous criminals to the streets will have serious and even more far-reaching consequences for the Island going forward.
Giving murderers and other violent felons the ability to simply plead guilty and receive  50% off the sentence they would normally receive is a giveaway to criminals without asking them for anything in return.
The penalty for capital murder is already way too lenient, taking into account that the Island already imposed on itself  a moratorium on capital punishment.
How much more are law abinding Jamaicans expected to take at the hands of these incompetent mongrels who purport to be looking out for their interest?

Delroy Chuck


It is important to understand that if this system of “men” being pushed by Delroy Chuck continues what we are going to end up with under the guise of freeing up court dockets is a system in which dangerous mass killers are given a pat on the wrist and released after just a few years in prison.
It is a travesty of justice, a slap in the face of the victims of crime in this country which should not be allowed to continue.
Chuck not only wants to toss murder cases from court dockets if they have been on for 5 years, through his efforts dangerous murderers are having their sentences slashed in half all for a guilty plea without any benefit derived for the people.
additionally, Delroy Chuck wants to remove convictions from the records of convicted felons giving them fresh new starts which does not reflect their past crimes.

Delroy Chuck is single-handedly engaged in dismantling the very foundations which are needed to help law enforcement readily identify criminals and building profiles on them using their past criminal conduct.
Said Chuck “my ministry have been working to have the criminal records of persons expunged after a period of time if they prove they have been successfully rehabilitated“.

What kind of system allows a single individual or Ministry to systematically do so much harm to a society?
At a time when law enforcement needs all of the tools it can to identify criminals with a view to removing them from society, elements of the government itself are actively engaged in a systematic campaign to thwart their efforts to fight crime.


Chuck, speaking to Jamaican media was questioned about a twice-convicted criminal who was recently admitted to practice law on the Island.  Chuck denied any knowledge of the case.


The twice-convicted  Isat Buchanan is now able to practice law, you guessed it…………………………in Jamaica.
According to the Jamaica Gleaner  Isat Buchanan said that 21 years ago he was preparing to travel overseas when a neighbor asked him to deliver some cash to someone in the United States. He says he was stopped at the Norman Manley International Airport and the authorities confiscated the packages and later said that it contained drugs. He was eventually convicted and paid a fine of approximately $1 million, but that was just the beginning of his legal dilemma.


In 1999, Buchanan said he was on a flight to Florida, in the US, when drugs were linked to him and he was given a 10-year prison sentence. Five years ago, he enrolled at the Mona campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI), and on Tuesday Buchanan was formally called to the Bar.

How convenient that on both occasions on which he was caught breaking the law and appropriately convicted he claimed innocence?
Now that is really not the issue here, anyone can claim whatever they want as long as the society hold them accountable for their actions if they are guilty.
The real travesty of justice is that the legal profession which is having serious problems with lawyers committing crimes and being struck from the list of those allowed to practice is now admitting felons who are twice convicted and served a 10-year prison sentence.


Members of the Constabulary need all of the support they can get, in Jamaica support for the police is a rare commodity as such the police must be strategic in appreciating how and when to leverage support.
As I have credibly laid out there are elements within the Government which are actively engaged in dismantling the structures which aid and enhances law enforcement even as there are astronomical increases in violent crimes.

This is a no, no, it’s against arrest protocols worldwide, yet Jamaican cops continue to cuff suspects with their hands in front or not cuff them at all.

The office of public defender, the justice ministry, and INDECOM are only a few of the agencies which are actively aiding the escalation of crime.
Not necessarily through active commission but through active omission and by default.
These are not hyperbolic rants but verifiable facts, yet there is hardly anyone paying attention to these facts even as they complain about the police seeming inability to fight crime.

As I have said before there are some simple steps the police can do to begin the process of leveraging support as I believe there is a well of goodwill out there for the police both at home and in the diaspora.
What is needed to activate that goodwill, however, is a demonstration by the constabulary that it is capable of doing the most basic things correctly.

The police will be unable to leverage support for it’s more critical tasks if it demonstrably cannot complete the most basic of tasks.
For the average person wanting to support the police beginning by believing that they are capable of having an impact on crime, there are some basic things which they need to see.
How about the police do the most basic things right, like safely and decisively making an arrest without looking like keystone cops?
How about handcuffing all criminals, male and female with their hands behind their backs where their ability to do harm to anyone while handcuffed is next to zero?

These are not things which can be laid at the feet of government or anyone else, this is about police officers incompetence and being clueless about completing the most basic parts of what they are supposed to do.


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  1. I AGREE with this article to the MAX the author must be commended for writing FACTS in this article, What is happening Jamaica by CRIMINALS and the JUSTICE SYSTEM is a complete joke….

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