I recently wrote an article in support of Representative Omar a first-term Democrat from Minnesota as the white Nationalist Republican Party and the pathetic Democratic Party, the Republican-lite Party piles onto her.
The piling on is as a result of statements Omar made regarding AIPAC, American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israeli Zionist lobby which has more than an oversized role and influence on America’s foreign and local policies.
Omar’s in a statement hinted that American support for Israel is fueled by money from the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC.
Omar later apologized as a firestorm erupted from lumpen who blindly give allegiance to Israel.

“Anti-Semitism is real and I am grateful for Jewish allies and colleagues who are educating me on the painful history of anti-Semitic tropes.”
“My intention is never to offend my constituents or Jewish Americans as a whole,” Ms. Omar wrote, adding, “I unequivocally apologize.”

Donald Trump is President.
Steve King is still in the Congress, so too is Mark Meadows. Louie Gohmert. Steve Scalise and the endless line of racists who attack whomever they chose without consequence.
Nancy Pelosi the Democrat speaker of the House hasn’t drawn up any resolution in condemnation of them.
And the white Supremacist Republican party wouldn’t even consider doing so when they were in charge.
Yet Pelosi is in the process of tabling a resolution in condemnation of Congresswoman Omar’s free speech, even though we are told that it will not mention Congresswoman Omar directly.
This is in addition to Marco Rubio (R) Florida and Ben Cardin (D) Maryland bill, which would criminalize any American who boycotted the state of Israel.
This is the reason why people have no faith in the Democrat Party. And of course the acting jews on the Democrat side like Nita Lowey (D)NY, who believe that everyone must bow down in slavish fealty to the apartheid state.

Make no mistake about it, no one should be fooled in not speaking out about American support for the Apartheid state of Israel and the war crimes and crimes against humanity being committed by the Israeli army (IDF) against the Palestinian people.
Neither should anyone have any doubts about Israel’s horrible human rights abuses visited upon real Hebrew African Jews who are returning to the land of their ancestors, Palestine.
Attempts to label dissenters “Anti-Semitic” is a clever strategy designed to shut down those who speak out against Israel’s apartheid policies and it’s disdain for International norms and laws under the United Nation’s charter.

Nita Lowey.(Democrat tweeted)
(Lawmakers must be able to debate w/o prejudice or bigotry. I am saddened that Rep. Omar continues to mischaracterize support for Israel. I urge her to retract this statement and engage in further dialogue with the Jewish community on why these comments are so hurtful).

Congresswoman Omar said nothing wrong and should not have apologized, much less having apologized repeatedly.
What they are after is not an apology as Congresswoman Omar will discover as she matures in the process.
They are after complete loyalty and obedience to the dictates and policies of the Apartheid state.
Policies pushed in America by AIPAC and the many other Zionist Lobbies despite the fact that their teachings and policies are directly antithetical to her faith and beliefs.
When will the Congress pass a Resolution apologizing to us for slavery, Jim Crow, The Prison Industrial Complex and the continued killing of our people by their various strategies in place to decimate us? ( see policing killings)
I bet you even the thought of that would have the likes of Steve Scalise up in arms against such a proposal.
To add insult to injury Congresswoman Omar has received hateful attacks on her simply because she is of the Muslim faith. No Democrat or Republican has stepped forward in support of her except congresswoman Ocasio Cortez.
Steve Scalise further tried on FOX hate TV to smear Congresswoman Omar questioning whether she should even be receiving intelligence briefings.

Steve Scalise

Steve Scalise attended white supremacist rallies and received backing from them. Should Scalise be receiving intelligence briefing?
The white supremacist groups which support Steve Scalise pose the greatest security threat to America and have been responsible for the greatest loss of life from the mass killings they have engaged in on American soil.
Scalise’s statements regarding Congresswoman Omar is a direct assault on her Muslim faith.
For Scalise and his party and those in the Democrat Party who are ganging up on Representative Omar, it is an opportunity to let her know that as a (Muslim) an (African-American) and a( woman) she should sit down and be quiet.

The cowards and frauds in the Democrat Party who love to beat the drums about [Religious freedoms], [women’s rights], and [First Amendment rights] have sacrificed whatever credibility they may have had left, in service to an Apartheid state former President Jimmy Carter said is worse than what obtained in South Africa.
Guess what President Jimmy Carter should know.