Democratic Party Uses Blacks Conveniently

Claire McCaskill

Claire McCaskill

Elections are scheduled for November. In these upcoming elections ,Governorships Senate, House and other positions will be up for grabs. Coming out of what many see as an escalation of Police killings of African-Americans is the less than novel call for voter registration. African Americans went out in numbers to twice elect Barack Obama to the Presidency, Obama was too busy playing Golf to bother going to Ferguson Missouri. Obama went to Sandy hook to comfort grieving families, why not Ferguson, whats different?

Republicans hate blacks for the color of their skin, But they also hate blacks for consistently voting Democratic. Blacks are being told to go out and vote, but who should they vote for? Democrats and the Democratic Party Party, has conveniently remained silent.

But for Claire Mc Caskil the US Senator from Missouri, where are the voices of Democratic Leaders who always come, hat in hand begging for votes ? What has Democrats done for it”s most loyal block of voters? Time and again the Democratic Party has taken the black vote for granted. Bill Clinton did it, when he threw Sister Soulja under the bus to show Southern and so called conservative whites he can handle the-blacks. He also did when he sided with Newt Gingrich who impeached him when he signed welfare reform into law. That backfired when they discovered the largest per capita block of welfare recipients were middle age white women.  Obama did it by not showing up in Ferguson Missouri. Eric Holder is not Barack Obama. Black People overwhelmingly voted to elect and reelect Obama, he had a duty to show up and show solidarity with black people. What were they gonna do about it, he doesn’t face voters ever again. He did not show balls, he showed cowardice.



Missouri’s Governor Jay Nixon is a Democrat with whom the black community has no relationship. Residents of Ferguson want Nixon to replace Bob McCullough the County Prosecutor. They make it clear they do not trust McCullough to do the right thing for them because of his relationship with Police. Nixon outright refused to acceded to the voters demands to remove McCullough. That outright refusal is a clear indication Nixon has no regard for African American voters in Ferguson nor the broader Missouri.

Other than some Black Democrats there has largely been a deafening blanket silence from white Democrats. How can a blacks continue to vote for a party which perpetually disrespects and discards them, then embrace them when it is convenient to do so ?

Hillary Clinton is going around the Country signing books , anyone who believes this is just a book tour is seriously uninformed. When Reporters shouted out questions to Hillary Clinton, trying to get her take on the Ferguson incident, she hustled away without answering their questions.

Hillary Clinton will be running for President in 2016, she is laying the groundwork for that run , she does not want to be President because of any deep calling. She will be doing so out of raw ambition. When the time comes for her to run she will cozy up to blacks who will be elated to reciprocate her conditional affection, as an abused Dog cozies up to an abusive master.

Democrats have taken the tactical decision that Blacks have nowhere to go. Clinton and others feel no obligation to take a stand which may have negative push-back from white Democrats who see the police as their protectors.


Black voters Can do either of two things in my estimation.

♦ Vote Republican, ………. I know, wait, wait , wait, I know they hate blacks, but maybe blacks will have to take a step toward that party. This could potentially have the effect of a change in attitude toward the community. What I am advocating is that Blacks hold their noses and vote Republican, as a means of ensuring Democrats do not take them for granted.

♦ Vote neither Republican nor Democrat,  form another Party. The T-Party claim they are not Republicans, yet they have

Missouri Gov Jay Nixon

Missouri Gov Jay Nixon

Republicans licking their boots. In fact Republicans who survived the Rights’ ideological purge, jump at every opportunity to be in the good graces of the T-party. What is preventing African Americans from forming another Party There are more than enough black elected leaders in the Congress with the know-how. This is an opportunity to show some backbone. There are well over 40 million black people in the United States, if this new party reach out to others it could be a force to be reckoned with.

I wrote previously that this should be a defining moment for African-Americans, beyond the marching , the singing we shall overcome, the groaning , the crying and the looting, there are exponentially much more we can do to change our lot.

There is no use looking to Obama or anyone else, this requires a collective effort on the part of everyone. Obama is looking out for his legacy it’s up to blacks to look out for their future.