Just days ago I wrote about the need for Democrats to grow a backbone. In an article written for chatt-a-box.com and Medium.com titled How Democrats Got Completely Steamrolled By The Right I outlined how Democrats are killing the resistance by chastising its base into civility and passivity.

Longtime California Democrat and African-America Congresswoman Maxine Walters told a crowd of supporters to gather wherever they see Trump Administration officials and push back on them as a means of registering disgust at the administration’s policies.
Her call came amidst instances where Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, Trumps Press secretary, Stephen Miller a senior advisor on immigration and the architect of Trump’s Xenophobic policies were forced to leave restaurants because of protests.

In response, Trump threatened Congresswoman Maxine Walters, quote: “Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party,” Trump tweeted, referencing the House minority leader. “She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!”


As a result of that threat, Trump’s minions have leveled death threats against the congresswoman causing her to cancel some scheduled appearances in a few states.
Shockingly, instead of calling out Trump, Charles Schumer chose to criticize the Congresswoman from the Senate floor.
Schumer went as far as to say that Congresswoman Walter’s comments are un-American.
If her comments were un-American that makes the congresswoman un-American in the new York jew’s eyes.


Nancy Pelosi also jumped into the fray and  criticized  congresswoman Walters, the hated Pelosi obviously wants Walters to be a passive doormat like she is for Republicans who have demonized, caricatured, and made her a fundraising tool .
But that is to be expected from Charles Schumer  the New York Jewish US Senator whose only interest seems to be what Donald Trump is doing as it relates to the state of Israel against the Palestinian people.
But these two conflicted Democratic leaders are not the only ones, Former Obama Campaign official David Axelrod and other white moderates have also chimed in to criticize the progressive left which wants a sharper tone against Trump’s aggressive Racist and Xenaphobic campaign against Immigrants and people of color.


One could reasonably ask, who is the leader of the Democratic party, what are the positions of the party? As I said days ago in another blog post, the Democratic party is a mixed bag of Republican-lite moderate white men who aren’t exactly comfortable with the positioning of the Republican party but they really have no strong philosophical positions outside the mantra of “we aren’t the republicans”.

As a consequence, the party does not have a strong bond with the strongest part of its base which is African-American women.  African-American women are the backbone of the Democratic Party. They turn out in huge  numbers to vote for Democratic white men who enact policies antithetical to their values.”
Those squishy white men sit around and wait to be elected on the blood and tears of those  black women.

At the same time their policies  are hardly any different that those of Republicans when it comes to the mass incarceration and criminalization of young African-American males, neither do they constrain  the cops who enforce said policies using white supremacist tactics..
They are duplicitously silent on the burgeoning problem of over-policing and the serious issue of police abuse and murder of African people.
In a strange way, white men who call themselves Democrats are no different than the white cops who work in black communities where they act as invading armies, then go to their suburban homes at night.

The shocking incidents we are witnessing in America are indeed a threat to peace and security but as detestable as they are ,the Trump demagogic agenda is stirring up animosity in communities where people were used to live together peacefully side by side.
Social media is replete with instances of aggressive openly racist  behavior for no reason other than those who engage in them, now  believe they can do so with impunity.

This is not good but it is behavior which has the blessings at the highest echelon of the society. It is important that we recognize that these are indeed serious times and that what we are witnessing are not normal behaviors but a serious attempt by the Trump administration at ethnic cleanising of the United States.


Our friends over at (Salon.com)have also recognized the need for a stronger backbone as people of color are being pilloried in an incessant propaganda campaign the likes of which we haven’t seen from an administration Democrat or Republican.
In an article titled [Democrats: Quit listening to “civility” scolds and concern trolls: This is an emergency] written for (salon.com) AMANDA MARCOTTE wrote the following.

Halfway through 2018, it’s clear that the year will be remembered by the history books as a time when the Donald Trump administration started its drastic escalation of what amounts to an ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at nonwhite immigrants. So far, the administration has made it a priority to shake the trees to find every legal avenue possible to throw out people Trump considers too dark-skinned. This has included getting the Supreme Court to approve a Muslim travel ban, finding legal loopholes to prosecute people who are legitimately seeking political asylum and ending temporary protected status for hundreds of thousands of people from countries such as Haiti and El Salvador.

Now the administration is even exploring the possibility of denaturalizing immigrants who are now U.S. citizens by accusing them of lying on their applications. This is quite possibly a test case as to whether Trump’s enforcers can move towards blatantly violating the law when they’re trying to kick people out of the country, without drawing any Republican blowback. (Answer: Probably!)https://www.salon.com/2018/07/06/democrats-quit-listening-to-civility-scolds-and-concern-trolls-this-is-an-emergency/