Imagine Dennis Meadows tweeting the following.

“The next Commissioner of Police must be a transformational leader, tenacious in fighting corruption, incorruptible and be prepared to go against the grain of the squaddie culture.”


There is a misconception among those who never served in any military or paramilitary force that the so-called (squaddie culture) is a bad thing.
It was the same deceptive, duplicitous disinformation Carolyn Gomes (former head of the disgraced JFJ) perpetuated and pushed on our country that the term Esprit -de_Corps is some kind of secret code police uses as a means to cover for wrongdoing.

Nothing can be further from the truth, but ignorance is bliss, where there is no knowledge misinformation and half-truths become reality.

The fact of the matter is that Military services members and police organizations the world over have their own creed of brotherhood which speaks to the bond and kindred spirit of camaraderie they share with each other the (JCF being no exception).

No one bothered asking Police Officers what it really meant to them because according to popular talking points, police officers were supposed to be just big foot idiots who couldn’t find any other jobs so they chose to be police officers.
Imagine lying, deceptive, untrustworthy politicians lecturing anyone about their creed?

When you have to depend on your brother or sister to be the guardian of your back in hostile situations, yes you need that esprit de corps, the much-maligned squaddie mentality.

Speaking about the squaddie mentality in pejorative terms denotes ignorance, which is an appropriate adjective to describe Dennis Meadows.
The likes of Dennis Meadows should engage his mind assuming he has one and close his mouth, maybe he will learn something in the process.