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President Barack Hussein Obama

November 2008 saw this man, Barack Hussein Obama elevated to the highest political office in America, it appeared and for all intents and purposes should be a sweet and fitting  climax after almost 4 hundred years of Slavery, Emancipation, Chain-Gangs,Jim Crow, Separate but Equal, the klu-klux-klan ,Segregated drinking fountains, poll taxes water-hoses, dogs, and billy clubs to that moment. Many black people did not believe they would live to see a black President in their life-time, others felt it would never happen at all. I watched both election victories with a bitter sweet taste in my mouth. Sweet in honor of his accomplishments, bitter because of the pain which has been visited on black people in this land called America, even as black people were here before that criminal Christopher Columbus brought his brand of discovery to these shores.

The entire spectacle of slavery and the road Blacks were forced to trod, rests on the ignorance of one race. A race which fundamentally believed that it had a right to dominate another. As if the Genocide visited on African people in this country was not enough, I was viscerally aware that Obama’s Victories would mean defeat for millions. Anyone who ever met a bully understands the importance of not angering him/her further, out of fear he/she will visit even more pain on you. Such is the situation in America, with the majority white population and their representatives in the congress and the Supreme Court.


Did anyone believe that white America was going to roll over and just let the brown people come in here and take over their country? Ok well it may already be a little late , minorities already make up the majority. The Democratic Party has literally snagged all the little minority groups, Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Jews, Gays, Lesbians, Women,Native Americans. So who is left out of this group? Oh yeah, I forgot….. white men !! White men the Republican party has positioned itself not just as an impenetrable wall of opposition of all things Obama, it has established itself as the party of intolerance racial hatred and voter suppression. It is well established that they know they cannot win national elections by merely winning the white male vote. Yet what is their strategy? Voter suppression, voter intimidation, mass-deportation, fence building, yes fence building, laughable, even as they champion Ronald Reagan’s 1980’s speech to Mikhail Gorbachev ” mister Gorbachev tear down this wall” in reference to the Berlin wall which separated east and west Germany.

On August 6, 1965 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law, calling the day ‘‘a triumph for freedom as huge as any victory that has ever been won on any battlefield’’ (Johnson, ‘‘Remarks in the Capitol Rotunda’’). The law came seven months after Martin Luther King launched a Southern Christian Leadership Conference.The Voting Rights Act of 1965 bans discrimination in the voting practice. Picture

Little did Lyndon Johnson know when he signed the land-mark legislation which gave all Americans a chance to participate in the decisions of their own lives , that the  Act would still be under attack in 2013, 48 years later. Can we eradicate all problems on this planet? Maybe not. Are some of the problems which bedevil us avoidable?

You bet.

I just had this novel idea.  What if there were no white people who thought that the way for them to succeed is at the cost of others? What if they weren’t racists ? What if so many Caucasians did not believe that they are genetically superior to other races?

At issue here is the significant impact one ignorant notion has had on the history of civilization.

In State legislatures all over America Republican majorities have used 1950’s type tactics to prevent blacks and others they figured would vote Democratic from voting, this is not hearsay , they acknowledged that they were doing it to ensure a victory by Mitt Romney. In the case of Shelby County Alabama against Holder the American Attorney General,  the much esteemed Supreme Court stunned the world with a shameful decision, effectively overturning the land-mark legislation signed 48 years ago. In a an impassioned dissent Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote that gutting the Civil Rights Act was tantamount to throwing out your umbrella in a rainstorm because you weren’t getting wet.

The decision of the Court to gut section 5 of the Voting Right’s Act was a shocking display of judicial activism which literally threw out decades of settled law. It was a callous and craven display by the court in demonstrating to the average person that they do not count.

Those who thought the Citizens United Decision by this Court was as bad as this Roberts Court could get need to thing again.  This is a radical right wing court whose decisions will have earth shattering implications for generations to come.

It just demonstrated that what 315 million people and their elected representatives in the house and senate decided, does not matter, everyone is subject to their dictates. So much for Democracy.

Every time you hear someone from the Republican Party talking about democracy and the rule of law shout shame, they are hypocrites. Where is the moral high ground America once claimed it had, even as it has been a flawed work in progress?  Will American Political leaders continue to lecture countries like China and Russia about human rights when right here in America the highest court and legislatures all across the country has demonstrably decided that the right to vote is not sacred?