Cops in Jamaica have pointed to what they characterize as the re-emergence of cocaine coming from South America. They brag that they have smashed the Lotto scam and cites that as the reason cocaine is once again flooding the streets of the small carribean country.

Even as a supporter of law enforcement in Jamaica I sometimes have to shake my head in disbelief at some of their utterances. First they contended that they smashed the cocaine ring which resulted in the lotto racket, now they claim they smashed the lotto scam so cocaine is back.

Ok, if you are confused you may not be alone, because none of  this is true and never will be true. Cocaine never went anywhere, and neither will the lotto scam or any other crime which has the potential to net the actors illicit income.

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The Jamaican Police does not serve the interest of the public or itself as an  Agency when it refuse to name the South American Country from which the majority of cocaine is flowing into Jamaica.

It diminishes whatever little credibility the Agency  may still have left, if any. Much the same way it continues not to name dirty criminals who are attached to either political party when they commit crimes.

One of the most effective crime fighting tools law enforcement has at it’s disposal is exactly the opposite of what the Jamaican police does with criminals, hiding their identity. All criminals must be arrested with fanfare and made to do what is called a perp-walk for the cameras. Shaming criminals must be exploited for what it’s worth, particularly in a country which is literally inundated with crime and terror.

But of course it would be remiss of me to think that the castrated lap-dog police force in Jamaica would be able to pull this off. Criminals are criminals, be they rogue states or people, whether it be Portia or Azan, Columbia or Panama, the people need to know that the laws apply to all.

I caution and implore the JCF to stop being a cartoon Police Force and once and for all start learning how to be a credible law enforcement Agency. The first order of business is to stop making stupid and inane statements.