Disgraceful And Desperate

On the event of the 11th year of the Anniversary of the heinous slaughter of thousands of innocent Americans on September 11th 2001, Americans are once again grieving the cowardly murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stephens and three others in the Embassy compound in Benghazi Libya.

For American and Americans this is literally like the scab being torn off a wound that hasn’t healed. We are reminded that we live in an increasingly dangerous and unpredictable world. Americans of all stripes, every political persuasion, correctly stood with President  George W  Bush as he raised that bull-horn and told the world that those who tore down the Twin Towers would soon hear from all of us, and they did.


Ambassador Christopher Stephens                       President George Bush and a first responder.

Last night even before the facts were out regarding what had truly transpired, even before the present Republican Candidate for President Mitt Romney even knew that Ambassador Christopher Stephens was killed, Romney and his campaign released a statement criticizing the Administration for apologizing for America, even without a grasp of what was transpiring on the ground in what was still a very fluid situation.

This move by Mitt Romney was probably the worst thing that he could have done in a long line of craven rapacious missteps, which have  characterized this unfortunate excuse of a presidential campaign and more so the pathetic candidate that party has nominated to lead this great country.


This is the statement issued by the US Embassy in Cairo Egypt, as the situation unfolded, in an attempt to head off a potential firestorm of violence all across the Arab World and possibly minimize or eliminate any loss of life. The Embassy staff was correct in issuing that communique as that compound was also attacked the American Flag ripped down and shredded and replaced by a black Islamist Flag.

The American Embassy in Cairo issued that statement to defuse a situation which may have saved many lives including their own, that did not prevent Mitt Romney from blasting them and the Obama Administration,accusing the Embassy staff of grave impropriety in making the statement,even as they faced attacks in a foreign country.

This attack on the US Embassy staff, even as they faced danger and  were still in arms way, has got to be the straw which breaks the Camel’s back for this imposter called Mitt Romney.

This fraudster has demonstrated that he will do and say anything, to tear down Barack Obama, irrespective of the cost.

The American people have a choice to make, this guy who hides his money in foreign countries and berates this country’s hard-working foreign service officers , has disqualified himself from being taken seriously, and must be seen as the dangerous person he really is.

This is effectively the most glaring and definitive example for the American people as to who Mitt Romney is, he is inherently unqualified to be president. Mitt Romney”s temperamental opportunistic and self-serving statements are the most revealing to date that he will do anything , say anything to gain the presidency. This makes Mitt Romney a dangerous person, who should never be given that power.

The flare up in Cairo and Libya are supposedly over a little viewed web video supposedly by a Florida Pastor, who is even less known. which is alleged to have insulted Mohammed the Prophet.

This Pastor, it is reported was the same person who threatened to burn the Koran some time aback , and to the best of my recollection eventually did so.

However there is no justification for what happened either in Libya, or in Egypt, the notion that disrespecting someone long dead, or even someone alive, is cause to kill innocent people, is beyond outrageous. It is time for the entire world and people of all religious belief  including  Muslims, to say to Islamic fundamentalists that this will not be tolerated. This kind of behavior will not stand in the name of God, period.

Mitt Romney doubled down on his mistake September 12th, he had nowhere to go he had painted himself into a corner , Mitt Romney wanted to take some of the shine off the pristine Foreign Policy Credentials of Barack Obama, he may have lost the General elections on this day.