Cowardly Thugs

Kyle Howell 2 years old
Kyle Howell 20 years old

Officer Vincent LoGiudice appeared in Nassau County Court, where a grand jury indictment was unsealed, charging him with two felony counts of second-degree assault and one count of third-degree assault in the April 25 beating of Kyle Howell, 20. Prosecutors said the officer used excessive force as he and his partner were attempting to arrest Howell.  LoGiudice was released on his own recognizance by Nassau County Court Judge Christopher Quinn. He faces a maximum of 7 years in prison if convicted of the top charge. He is due back in court on July 2. LoGiudice, 34, has been suspended without pay after an investigation conducted by the department’s internal affairs unit in conjunction with the Nassau district attorney’s office, sources said Tuesday. Police allege in court documents they were trying to stop Howell from swallowing a bag of marijuana, and that he kicked and punched police.

The only problem with that story is that the video evidence differs dramatically from the

cowardly cop LoGiudice
cowardly cop LoGiudice

Police account . The cop was seen running back to the front of the car after he was headed in the direction of the rear of the car. How could this coward claim he saw him swallowing anything when he was at the rear of the car? The video seem to suggest that Howell said something to the cop which he though was out of line. Heaven forbid someone talk back to one of these earthly Gods.  In the video LoGiudice was seen running back to where Howell was sitting and in a fit download (6)of rage rained blows all over the young man. Even if Howell had marijuana he did not commit himself against these lunatic and moronic cops. What is the penalty for possession of a bag of Marijuana?

To add insult to injury hundreds of these cowardly thugs were out in force supported by their closeted bigoted friends and neighbors denouncing the District Attorney for doing her job, which was to charge these two cowards with felony assault. The purpose of the mob of cops at the Court-House had nothing to do with supporting this coward. They fundamentally believe they are above the law. They believe they should not be held accountable for assaulting anyone and they damn sure believe they should never be questioned or held accountable for seriously assaulting a 20 year-old African American male. What this bunch of bigoted thugs succeeded in doing was showing the world the contempt in which they hold the  very public they are sworn to protect. The very people who pay their elegant salaries, all $145,900 a year of it, allowing them to live on Long Island . Howell, who was arrested on April 25, had surgery to repair an injured eye he suffered during the incident. He said Tuesday he no longer trusts police officers. The Police Union Boss believes this Cop is the best they have on Long Island. I believe that statement should send shivers down the spine of everyone living and driving through that part of New York. That statement however supports this Article. They are common thugs.

No bag of marijuana or any other substance gives a Cop the right to pummel a member of the public this way. Even if they suspected that Howell was swallowing the contraband there are avenues in law which allows for a conviction through testing. If a conviction was that important to them. The fact of the matter is these thug-cops wanted to administer a beating to someone they believe beneath them.  Every single cop and supporter who showed up in support of that beating is a disgrace and a blight to the badge they wear, but more-so they are a disgusting blight on the human race.

 Howell was charged with assaulting two police officers, witness tampering and several other charges. All the charges were dropped last month after a judge reviewed the video.“I am very grateful that I have the video to prove my innocence,” Howell said last month. “Without the video, we would have no voice,” his mother, Joan Howell, said. “If there was no video, we would not be here today.”Even with the video, the police union and LoGiudice’s attorney warned against jumping to conclusions in the case.

Not only were these criminal cops prepared to beat this young man into a  pulp, they wanted to send him to prison for a long time for getting beaten by them. As far as their Union and Attorneys are concerned the video evidence should not be trusted. Obviously the public is too stupid to figure out what they saw with their own eyes.  They on the other hand, are allowed to use the grainiest videos to convict suspects all the time, particularly black suspects.

 How many African-Americans are locked up in Jails and Prisons all across America on trumped-up charges  and fabricated evidence? Every year scores of people are released from Prison because Cops and Prosecutors , lie, fabricate or withhold evidence resulting in serious Prison time for innocent citizens. To compound that problem Courts are extremely reluctant to revisit decided cases, even when there are strong evidence of Prosecutorial impropriety. The Nassau County DA on the dismissal of the concocted charges, should have charged them with filing false reports. In cases like these these cops should feel the full force of the laws. Police officers are paid to protect us, they are not above the laws.