Disingenous Hypocrites!


Portia Lucretia Simpson Miller did not concede the General Elections of 2007 to Bruce Golding even when it was clear that she had lost. As a matter of fact Golding was  obviously still smarting from that slight as he brought the matter to the fore at a JLP rally prior to the December 29th election. Miller for her part retorted that she had treated Bruce Goling cordially during his tenure as Prime Minister. Never mind that Golding never accused her of incivility toward him during his tenure  as PM, he specifically spoke to  what he saw as a departure from established protocols. Conversely Miller launched a vulgar broadside of a tirade in which she vowed not to concede anything, and pledged to be the worst nightmare of the newly elected Government of Bruce Golding.

She did not leave it there, she started with an immediate campaign to delegitimize the new Government by having the rapacious phalanx of trial lawyers associated with that party file motions in the courts challenging the legitimacy of some members of the Labor Party who held dual citizenship to sit in Parliament. Jamaica’s constitution expressly prevents anyone with dual citizenship from sitting in the nation’s parliament. The JLP with their share of lawyers must have know that this would be a potential problem that would not stand, and if they did not know this, probably were not ready to take the reins of government despite being in the wilderness of opposition for an unprecedented 18 1/2 years. As a result of the PNP’s challenge a few members of the new administration were in fact decertified by the courts and found ineligible to sit in parliament. Each parliamentarian decertified was returned to parliament in by-elections . Interestingly the PNP also had members who were in contravention of that section of the constitution.


As soon as Golding announced his 18 person cabinet Portia launched a broadside against the Prime Minister, lambasting him as being extravant in having an 18 person cabinet when the country was struggling. The Irony of that piece of hypocrisy was that the country had just handed leadership to the Labor Party , after the PNP’s 18 1/2 year run. Being that as it may, one would imagine that Queen Portia fresh from her coronation would be reminded that she had criticized Golding for having a too large cabinet.

So what did Portia Simpson Miller do? A day after her coronation, she went ahead and named a 19 person cabinet.



(Jamaica gleaner photo)

How does this new Government explain this or is it even true? Well see for yourselves.

Cabinet ministers

1. Dr Peter Phillips
2. Peter Bunting
3. Roger Clarke
4. Ronnie Thwaites
5. Lisa Hanna
6. Robert Pickersgill
7. Fenton Ferguson
8. Anthony Hylton
9. Derrick Kellier
10. Noel Arscott
11. Dr Omar Davies
12. Wykeham McNeill
13. Phillip Paulwell,
14. Dr. Morais Guy
15. Horace Dalley
16. Natalie Neita Headley
17. Senator A.J Nicholson,
18. Senator Mark Golding
19. Senator Sandrea Falconer

State ministers

1. Luther Buchanan
2. Arnaldo Brown
3. Sharon Folkes Abrahams
4. Ian Hayles
5. Colin Fagan
6. Richard Azan
7. Damion Crawford
8. Julian Robinson

Yup it is true, this is the new and improved People’s National Party, this is the party that has just been returned to power, shameless, unconscionable, and off to the races, there will be no outcry because this party cannot do any wrong for the mass of the people, the elite that supports them, or those who benefits financially. the  PNP elites have the gift of gab they will somehow try to pull the wool over the eyes of independents and labor party supporters who will most certainly have a problem with this hypocrisy.

Republicans now in the primary stage of selecting a candidate to run against President Obama, are hoping that the American economy will continue to be lethargic come next November’s election, they have nothing else to run on but a stagnant economy. They are betting against their country so they can defeat one man because of his race. After all they cannot speak about foreign policy which was their strong suit, for decades they were able to paint Democrats as weak on foreign policy, when the truth is their foreign policy was one of unnecessary saber rattling, bellicose language when addressing those they did not like and waging wars overseas that were totally unnecessary, and inadvisable, and which ended up literally destroying the American economy.

Republicans cannot talk about foreign policy because Obama got Bin Laden, and brought the troops home from Iraq, he saw the demise of Khadafy and arguably restored America’s credibility abroad to the extent that is possible, depending where one is referring to. The latest Jobs number showed 200,000 new jobs created last month and true to form the GOP candidates will give the president no credit for the continued good  showing on the economic front, Santorum stupidly claimed the good job numbers suggest that investors are taking the hiring plunge because they believe the Republicans will take the white house. Snake oil salesman Willard Romney said the economy is doing better despite the policies of president Obama. I thought the comments of the others were inconsequential as they will not be the nomine for that party.

President Obama has literally pulled the American economy from the brink of disaster and has presided over steady growth which saw 3 million new jobs created in the private sector, yet his reelection is far from assured. As is the situation in Jamaica where the labor party returned the economy from sustained negative growth despite a horrible world recession to three quarters of positive growth but was unceremoniously kicked out of office, Obama runs the risk of being a one term president because of myopic voters with short term memory.

Portia’s logic.

Miller response to questions as to how she explained the size of her cabinet when she criticized Mister Golding’s cabinet size said this, quote” “I have added some young persons so that they can begin to understudy the seniors. What I am trying to do now is succession planning.
“I am dealing with succession planning. And, if you check my size and the number of people that won elections for the People’s National Party, it is quite different from Mr Golding’s”

This bit of simple minded nonsense would be comical if it wasn’t so insulting.  One would have to conclude that there is a correlation between the amount of seats won by a party and the amount of ministers ,  junior ministers, and ministers without portfolios  nescessary.The PNP won 42 seats in the House of Representatives to the Jamaica Labor Party’s (JLP) 21 seats.
In 2007, Golding’s JLP won 32 seats to the People’s National Party’s 28 in the then 60-seat House.
Miller either believe that there is a connection between the two or seriously have a serious disdain for the intellect of those who can actually think for themselves.

There has always been an attempt on the part of the cultists who support that gutter party to try to link people who do not ascribe to their dependency syndrome as somehow anti-Jamaican or anti-poor people. That narrative has served the PNP well since it’s inception, they have mastered the art of fake caring, fooling the uneducated masses into believing that they have their interest at heart . By using scarce taxpayer’s funds they have for decades worked at the craft of buying loyalty through freebies and patronage. Today what they have is a frenzied massive horde of cultist followers who really beleive  they are messiahs. Never mind that there is nothing that that party can point to outside of handouts, that would reasonable make the argument for the frenzied almost drug crazed like support they receive.

The truth is most of us come from really poor backgrounds, we are ambitious people who once just wanted to work, acquire an education, have children, and give them a better life than we had. After the socialist/communist rhetoric of the 70’s which stipulated that those who didn’t like their nonsensical policies should hop onto one of the five flights a day to Miami the psyche of our nation changed for the worse. Not only did those people leave , so did their capital, so did investors, but worst of all most of the skilled and educated proffesionals took flight. Many people simply walked away from their beautiful, homes in fear for their lives, those homes were promptly captured by PNP goons and. Such was the indoctrination of the poorer masses that those who worked hard and accomplished, were evil capitalists who should share what they have with those who sat on their rear ends and did nothing. The Jamaica of today is a direct result of that hogwash redistributionist garbage.

The architect of that debacle Michael Manley returned to Jamaica at the end of the 1980’s with his tail, between his legs, armed with  mea culpa, and was promptly returned to office by the cultists. Ironically the campaign song the PNP used against Edward Seaga throughout the  70’s was a song by George Nooks called” my father born ya” Manley left for greener pastures during the administration of Edward Seaga, and returned only to once again seek power, after he attained the power by once again being returned to office, he left due to failing health this time to England where he lived until he passed away. Seaga, lambasted, berated, ridiculed , and scorned as an outsider who wasn’t born in Jamaica, have  not left during all the losses he took a the hands of the cultists, and still resides in Jamaica.



The successful class warfare that the people’s national party has engaged in over the years has driven away tremendously talented people from Jamaica’s shores, created a nation of dependent people and has set our country back so far smaller countries like Barbados are very close to first world status with no indications if our people will ever see a first world unless they emigrate. Once again all of the old corrupt orange clad gangsters are back at the tiller, having another go around for their friends and associates benefit at the expense of the illiterate masses.