Disrespecting The Security Forces Is A Mistake, JLP Flunkies Have Not Learned That Lesson…


One of the things which kept the Jamaica Labor Party out of elec­tive office after Edward Seaga lost to Michael Manley in 1988 for an unprece­dent­ed 1812 years, many Jamaicans will tell you, is arro­gance.
Arrogance on the part of the elites inside the par­ty who get their tail feath­ers up their own ass­es as soon as they taste polit­i­cal pow­er.
A sense of enti­tle­ment that ulti­mate­ly alien­ates the aver­age strug­gling Jamaican from a par­ty they see as anti­thet­i­cal to their own inter­est.
The PNP a far less effec­tive par­ty at good gov­er­nance, nev­er­the­less has been far more effec­tive at find­ing com­mon cause with the man on the street.
The irony of ironies is that the par­ty of (Bustamante, the tra­di­tion­al work­ing guy), could effec­tive­ly be pro­pa­gan­dized and viewed as the par­ty of uptown elites.

For bet­ter or for worse, the peo­ple vot­ed out the JLP and gave Bruce Golding a very slim major­i­ty in September of 2007. Before he could fin­ish the first term, Bruce Golding was forced to step aside as he was embroiled in the imbroglio of the Mannat Phelps and Phillips affair in which he alleged it was the par­ty, not he which paid the afore­named American law firm to lob­by the American Government not to demand the extra­di­tion of transna­tion­al, now con­vict­ed and incar­cer­at­ed crim­i­nal Christopher (Duddus)Coke.
Golding made way for Andrew Holness, a young man whom many saw as a new direc­tion for the par­ty, but the dam­age was done. Holness sought his own man­date, but he was round­ly reject­ed at the polls, set­ting up anoth­er PNP admin­is­tra­tion, this time under the lead­er­ship of the hap­less Portia Simpson Miller.
Jamaica was not nec­es­sar­i­ly a PNP coun­try, as the com­rades would like to believe or have you believe, but the major­i­ty of the Jamaican peo­ple were not hap­py with the deci­sions the JLP was mak­ing. Neither were they enam­ored with the elit­ist atti­tude of the par­ty’s top-tiered func­tionar­ies.

But Holness was giv­en a new man­date, after he demon­strat­ed to the Jamaican peo­ple that he could hum­ble him­self and show that he cared about their needs.
On inau­gu­ra­tion day Thursday, March 3rd. 2016 Andrew Holness was sworn in at Kings House for a sec­ond time as Prime Minister. In his inau­gur­al address on the sub­ject of cor­rup­tion Holness said the fol­low­ing;

With this man­date: There is no major­i­ty for arro­gance. There is no space for self­ish­ness. There is no place for pet­ti­ness. There is no room for com­pla­cen­cy and, There is no mar­gin for error. I am under no illu­sion as to the mean­ing of this man­date. We have not won a prize. Instead, peo­ple are giv­ing us a test.

But it seems that despite the many suc­cess­es of the new Administration, there are some with­in the par­ty whose fin­gers con­tin­ue to have crazy glue attached.
And to the hyper-par­ti­sans, I don’t give a damn about your sud­den feal­ty to the idea of [inno­cent until proven guilty]. Save it.
The lat­est arrests of Ruel Reid and oth­ers may not end in con­vic­tions, after all, Jamaica’s upper Saint Andrew elites do not go to prison, worse yet if they have polit­i­cal con­nec­tions.
And so the bar­rage of unfor­tu­nate crit­i­cisms have start­ed to pour out of the JLP and its min­ions. Delroy Chuck, whose daugh­ter is rep­re­sent­ing Reid we are reli­ably informed, blast­ed the secu­ri­ty forces for doing what?
Doing their jobs!
The shame­less Chuck is one of the old crus­taceans of Jamaican pol­i­tics. One who still leech­es off the Jamaican tax­pay­ers. In a shock­ing dis­play of what may amount to tam­per­ing, Delroy Chuck used his posi­tion as Minister of Justice to demean and berate the secu­ri­ty forces for arrest­ing his cronies, even though he admit­ted he did not know what evi­dence the secu­ri­ty forces had.
Even if we were to set that aside, what right does a min­is­ter of gov­ern­ment have berat­ing the secu­ri­ty forces for doing their job?
Worse yet, his daughter,(an attor­ney) is rep­re­sent­ing one of the arrest­ed per­sons. While Delroy Chuck is rep­re­sent­ing the very same gov­ern­ment under whose lead­er­ship the secu­ri­ty forces fall.
I was stunned at the broad­side and we made it known in a not too intel­lec­tu­al arti­cle, after which Chuck backed away from his state­ments, but did not apol­o­gize.
But Chuck did not back away because he saw any­thing wrong with his under­min­ing the inves­ti­ga­tions with his com­ments, he backed away because there was push­back.


They are not quit­ting, they fun­da­men­tal­ly believe that politi­cians and their cronies are above the nation’s laws. Young Jamaica; the youth arm of the JLP said the raids appeared staged…No one should pay atten­tion to polit­i­cal par­ty sur­ro­gates, and farm teams in my esti­ma­tion, so I won’t be set­ting prece­dent here.
However, Hugh Wildman; Attorney rep­re­sent­ing Fritz Pinnock blast­ed the actions of the secu­ri­ty forces; Siad Wildman “The Gestapo-like oper­a­tion yes­ter­day was sole­ly for embar­rass­ing per­sons and boost­ing the wan­ing polit­i­cal for­tunes of some.
No dude, your clients embar­rassed them­selves when they allowed them­selves to be caught up in these alle­ga­tions. Now if ever I was arrest­ed for some­thing I would want my lawyer to go to the mat for me, so I’m going to be lenient with Wildman, despite his unfor­tu­nate use of words.
“The Gestapo-like oper­a­tion yes­ter­day was sole­ly for embar­rass­ing per­sons and boost­ing the wan­ing polit­i­cal for­tunes of some.”
Wildman seemed to bounce from defense lawyer to polit­i­cal oper­a­tive, need­less to say, he needs to acquaint him­self with exact­ly what Hitler’s Gestapo was. He may be more judi­cious with the use of that term after he does so.
The con­tin­ued JLP talk­ing point that the accused men and one woman could have been asked to come in to be charged miss­es the fact that there is deter­rence in the perp-walk. Police have no oblig­a­tion to call any­one to come in, arrest­ing crim­i­nal sus­pects is the law.
What the JLP and its mouth­pieces are ask­ing for is spe­cial treat­ment for Reid, Pinnock, and the Parish Councillor.

The idea that any mem­ber of the Jamaican Legislative House, much less a min­is­ter of gov­ern­ment, or the legal pro­fes­sion would demean the mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty forces by using terms like Gestapo to attack them for doing their duties, demon­strates a woe­ful mis­un­der­stand­ing of what the Gestapo was and a crass attempt to over­dra­ma­tize at the expense of the hard-work­ing mem­bers of the secu­ri­ty forces.
These igno­rant state­ments should be direct­ed at the thieves and fraud­sters who were placed in hand­cuffs because of their alleged sticky fin­gers.
(I hope they were placed in hand­cuffs)
The fact that any mem­ber of the JLP would lam­bast the secu­ri­ty forces for doing their sworn duties instead of chastis­ing their cohorts for engag­ing in crim­i­nal­i­ty, demon­strates to the nation the lev­el of cor­rup­tion and immoral­i­ty which per­vades this admin­is­tra­tion.
Jamaicans always believed that this par­ty hat­ed the police, these dumb morons are mak­ing it crys­tal clear.
I have no fear of being labeled a com­rade. The com­rades label me Laborite when I step on their corn, Oh well.….


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