native-americanThe American story is long and complicated. Relying on what you hear in the main stream Media will not give you an accurate picture of the sordid history of this Democracy. The sanitized romantic version  fed to our children in the schools belie the sordid gruesome realities which was, and still to this day continue to be the real facts of America.  The genocide visited on Native American tribes and the annihilation of tens of millions of Africans through forced labor , mutilation, rape and murder, are two of the indelible stains no Public Relations Firm, denial,  or whitewash can remove. No dredged up romantic  story will replace the factual events of how this nation came into being.  African-Americans just concluded the observance of black history month. The question remains, have we come far enough ? Are we mindful of where we are? Are we conversant of the precipitous position of our people in this land our fore-fathers occupied long before Europeans knew the world was not flat. The struggle for equal rights and justice is not a fight for black and brown anymore.  The fight is a much larger one, one which includes average ever-day Americans regardless of color. As President Barack Obama alluded to the need for a more perfect Union, American must face it’s shameful past if it wants to have a better future. African-Americans have an even greater burden if they wish never to return to the pogrom visited upon them in the past. Yet I am not confident that our people have the desire, or the commitment of the warriors who went on before us. Our Generation and the ones coming after us, seem to have a singular need, that of being entertained. When one examines the real story of this land, we must do so against the background of facts. The murder , rape, mutilation and mangling meted out to Native  and Africans Americans can only be fully appreciated for its vile barbarity, when we understand that it was only after the Civil war that European murderers and Rapists were not being shipped here anymore. The demonic slaughter of countless people of color , black and brown, did not occur at the hands of innocent Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution. It happened at the hands of principal felons , their children and grand children.  Lest we forget, we must remind ourselves that the Moors had crossed over the mountains of Italy and went to the gates of Rome .Historians and archaeologist have confirmed that the first people in the Americas were black. The fact that evidence exists that Africans sailed to the Americas and settled there, almost 200 years before Columbus is widely unheard. The recitation of the Americas discovery often begins in the late 1400’s. Yet historians are well aware of the knowledge,.

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We must remember that our people long traveled from Africa and populated Australia, North America, and as far away places as  New Zealand, long before the British or any European knew they would not fall off a flat earth. All over the world people of African descent, Black people, were living long before the white man arrived. Our fore-fathers traveled the seas and settled new lands. They did not kill the people they found living in those lands. The settled the land and peaceably coexisted with the  inhabitants. Yes, that also included this land we now know as the United States. When the white man came here he found black people living peacefully with their Native-American brothers. Neither our fore-fathers, nor the native Indians thought they owned the land, they looked to the land for sustenance and they respected it. What happened to both peoples was everything but respectful, we should never forget.



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  1. Mike , I agree . We blacks are very ignorant of the “true facts” of our origin and existence . The Caucasians perspective of historical facts about blacks and the native American Indians are skewed and inaccurate. Enlightening piece Mike .

    1. Mister Mac, yesssss finally I did one that you like, see what happens when you keep working hard ..tangible results. Thanks my friend.

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