Horace Chang

“What’s going on in Montego Bay cannot be dealt with using normal Policing measures”.
“We need enhanced security measures.”
(Horace Chang, Minister of National Security)

Panicking much!
Let me just say that this guy should be nowhere close to National security, but since we are talking about Jamaica where its standard procedure for the Fox to guard the hen-house, it is also okay for the inmates to run the asylum.
Of course, what is happening in Montego Bay does not require normal policing measures.
It hasn’t been that way for many years, but isn’t just Montego Bay, it is all across the Island.
Imagine testimony coming to light in the Uchence Wilson Gang trial, that gangsters went to rob a home in sleepy and serene Guys Hill where I attended High school.
And that one gangster was shot by the police in the process, yet a Medical Doctor practicing medicine in the parish of Manchester asked for a quarter of a million dollars to remove the bullet without alerting the Police.
According to the reporting, the doctor received $90.000 to remove the bullet and the police was none the wiser.
When the major pontificators in Jamaica get on their high horses to talk about corruption, as if its a police only problem, we try to shine a light on these well-respected criminals in the society who are doing far worse than collecting lunch money because they are hungry.
These doctors know that the reason that gang members come to them instead of going to a hospital is that for all intents and purposes they have been involved in criminal activities.
They know full well that they likely killed one or more innocent persons in the process of committing other criminal acts.
Yet they patch them up and turn them loose on the society once again.
We can talk about the fear they have for their own lives if they do not comply with these gangsters demands.
I’m prepared to counter with the fact that (a) how do the gangsters know which doctor to go to across several parishes, unless they know these doctors are dirty and (b) if the gangsters wished to, they could simply force the doctor to perform the procedure without paying one dime, then kill him. They don’t have to pay if they chose not to.
It follows therefore that these doctors are wlling participants in the culture of crime which has been plaguing the country for decades.
They have been on the forefront.
As police officers, we knew that certain doctors were there ready and waiting unscrupulously, to patch up any murderer for a price.

Despite these unscrupulous acts, these sick bastards will tell you they have taken a Hippocratic oath to do no harm.
That they have taken an oath to adhere to medical confidentiality. What they won’t say is that those very same Hippocratic oaths bind them to also commit to non-maleficence.
This across the board corruption has been at the heart of the nations crime culture. It enables those who pull the trigger off-ramps when they would have been otherwise stuck on the freeway waiting for law enforcement to find them.
When Criminals are able to source underground hospital and life-saving medical service, after they themselves have just robbed and murdered innocent citizens, it makes the job of the police doubly difficult.
It is this lucrative underground economy which causes those in the highest offices to be vehemently opposed to the police.
It is this vehemence which makes police officers say “to hell with it why am I bothering myself“?

The proliferation and expansion of the culture of violence in our country will not be remedied with more laws. Certainly not the watered down types they have managed to pass to blow smoke up the collective ass of the nation to make it seem they are doing something about crime.
The two political parties have huge communities which are benefiting from crime. INDECOM and the proliferation of so-called human rights lobby is proof that neither political party wants an end to the status quo, it works just fine for their interest.
Change in Jamaica requires that there is [a come to Jesus recognition]. Jamaica is the only country which spends its energy worrying about the rights of murderers and Rapists over the plight of law-abiding citizens.
It requires that the Prime Minister and his party and Peter Phillips and his party, decide to stop shielding criminals and commit to the full support of the police as the departments is allowed to go after the gangs and pull them up from the root.
The comments of Chang are correct. Normal policing cannot apply, these thugs are bloodthirsty murderers who play by no one’s rules.
ZOSO and SOE’s are not the way to eradicate this scourge, more laws will do nothing as long as police going after these killers are criminalized for doing their jobs.
As long as the emphasis is on the rights of criminals and not on that of innocent citizens, expect this disaster to continue.
Andrew Holness’ attempt at social engineering followed the PNP’s attempt at social engineering.
Both have failed. We need to get back to allowing police to do their jobs without the specter of prison hanging over their heads, it is what successful countries do.