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To Miss Paula Llewelyn:

Please issue warrants of arrest for Terrence Williams et al immediately! I am asking Miss. Paula Llewellyn, the Director Of Public Prosecutions to issue a/several warrants of arrest for Mr. Terrence Williams and members of Indecom who have arrested, and charged any members of the Jamaican Constabulary Force for any offenses that they did not witness to be a charge for:

Impersonating a Police Officer. (2) False Imprisonment and other charges that can be levied against all of them INDECOM principals. The Jamaican Police are the most hated government workers in Jamaica, yet it is their job to protect the people of Jamaica? But who is protecting or looking out for their welfare and their rights to liberty, freedom, and happiness?

Not a single person with power, influence, or fortitude. the Prime Minister of Jamaica, St. Andrew Holiness [sic] and the Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips, silence on the matter regarding the recent INDECOM ruling are resounding, unambiguous, and complicit with “Terrence Williams behavior at “INDECOM”. Williams actions have been embarrassing, demoralizing, and belittling to the men and women of the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

Where is the condemnation from you guys? The agency was operating as “patty-shop” with its own rule and operating outside the purviews of the laws of Jamaica. Why not fire Terrence Williams for misleading all of you at parliament? The man is illiterate and dumb like a stone.  He is a media whore which makes an idiot! It seems like the political leaders in Jamaica are illiterate, inept, and ignorant because they do not know what was in the INDECOM Act and Terrence Williams himself can read, but do not understand what he has been reading.

As young who was born at 38 Asquith Street Jones Town, Kingston 12. My birth certificate letter starts with BM because I was born at home, not Jubilee Hospital; and a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force. I know that a majority of your supporters are criminals, criminal benefactors, enablers, supporters, and lovers of criminality.

I don’t expect any better from both of you or members of your political parties (PNP & JLP). My parents told me growing up that the politicians are our biggest enemies because they are the ones who have to feed the narrative to the people to hate the police and that all of their problems are because of them. It is going one week since the Jamaican Courts have ruled that INDECOM have no powers of arrest, to arrest and charge or prosecute any member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force.

To date, not a single member of parliament or caretaker came out in support of the police or have publicly called for the arrest of the egotist, charlatan, conman Terrence Williams.
Where are the law-abiding citizens in Jamaica who have money, influence, and social standings? Why the silence? Is it that because your friends are in the crime business and making big bucks? In Jamaica, all the politicians including the Prime Minister are criminal enablers, lovers, and supporters.

Imagine there are sixty-three members of parliament, to date, not one politician or wannabe politicians made a public statement supporting the members of the police force by calling for the arrest of Terrence Williams for arresting and charging the police officers without any lawful authority.
The idiotic politicians in Jamaica are the ones who are responsible for the crimes that are committed by these murderers because they have been protecting them and begging them to behave.

In what jurisdiction does government beg criminals to behave? Only in the criminal’s paradise Jamaica, and the “Jamaican University for International Criminals.” No wonder why Jamaica has the most deportees from the Caribbean from any country around the world because they do not know how to behave due to the cultural relativism that is embedded into their psyche and they think that is how the other countries citizens behave.

Not knowing that it is only in Jamaica such behavior is acceptable. Jamaica is going to pay dearly for cuddling of the Jamaican criminals, and in about four years, it is going to be a failed state. The idiot Prime Minister is having press conferences with public officials as if he is doing something!
Only the Americans do such press conferences when their military is overseas fighting wars with members of the military upper echelon.

He is so power hungry he is putting on a show that keeps flapping What kind of war is Jamaica fighting? The criminals are winning, so it is a waste of manpower and whoever is advising these “boasie-slaves” in Jamaica how to get crime under control are doing a very poor job! In early February 1989 is when Jamaican criminals were given status in the country when the late Michael Manley won the general elections. Only a fool would believe what the Prime Minister is doing is going to work. It won’t work one iota. Since May 2010, Jamaica has fallen into the abyss when it comes to criminality. There is no protection of the people by those in power on the island with the exception of those who are getting filthy rich off the carnage.

As a man who understands “macroeconomics if some people within the Jamaican society weren’t benefiting from the carnage, there would not be so much lobby groups within government and outside of government? Their actions show which other entities in Jamaica have been under sustained attack from the 1970’s until now. Only the police force! In the 1980’s the war against the police force was over because as a Jamaican I could walk from “Concrete Jungle” Scarface Pathyway, Arnette Gardens, Kingston 12 through Craig Town, Hannah Town all the way to downtown Kingston, not even a fly would bother me.

The only time the police were able to operate in a way that the criminals would live in fear was in the 1980’s. Yes, when the most hated man who was Prime Minister Of Jamaica: Edward Seaga.
I am not a political activist, and I am not a fan of either party (PNP or JLP) in Jamaica. Jamaican people do not know that their true enemies are the Jamaican politicians especially St. Andrew Holiness and the Jamaican Labor Party that have declared “War” against the Jamaican Constabulary Force for the extradition of their strongman: Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to our shores.

The Jamaican Labor Party COULD NOT declare war on us, America, for extraditing their don, so they declared it on the Jamaican Constabulary Force and members of the police force by enacting a law name “INDECOM” to the force as a buffer between the police and the criminals. The only group that is winning the “War” is the criminals because they can kill without worrying about repercussion from the police, the justice system and accounting for their actions. In America, we don’t play with murderers; we kill them one way or the other.

The Jamaican government hatred for the police is affecting the populace. So the Jamaican people must retaliate against the government of the day by demonstrating, lobby your politicians, or write letters to your representatives because they work for you and not the criminals who have their cell-phones and house numbers. If the American President Donald Trump realized that the war against the police force is, in fact, a war against America, then heads will undoubtedly roll in Jamaica.

In the end, all the anti-police activists will be put out of work and economic boycott and financial investigations against them. The courts have spoken, and we have read where the egoist, self-aggrandizing, and boastful Terrence Williams said that he won the case in the courts, and he is happy that he is vindicated for doing his job.

Finally, those of us who can read, have deciphered the opposite, so I don’t know which school or where he got his law degree from or did he BUY it because the man is dumb as a stone and should not be given any job to investigate or prosecute anyone.
In light of the court’s ruling, as a former member of the Jamaican Constabulary Force, I’m calling on Miss. Paula Llewellyn to issue several warrants to arrest Terrence Williams and members of “INDECOM” who have infringed, arrested, and charged members of the Police force when he/they knew for a fact that he had no powers of arrest or persecution.

:Mister Chris Porter is a former detective Constable of the JCF, he is also a US military veteran who has kept himself abreast of law enforcement best practices and is a vocal supporter of the rule of law.
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  1. well put together and saying it as it is.i truly endorsed every words you said.

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