Earl Witter’s Incompetence:

Like everything else in Jamaica the Office of Public Defender has been a colossal let-down for the Jamaican people. Like Air Jamaica, the Political Directorate, like the Justice System , The Education System and every strata of National life, the Jamaican people have paid dearly but have gotten little to nothing for their investment.

The Office of Public Defender’s Act:


Public Defender Earl Witter>                                                                       DPP Paula Llewellyn

Many people have asked over the years ,”how could Air Jamaica be having financial problems when the planes are always full”? I for one have traveled on Air Jamaica coach-class , of course, packed together like canned-sardines, so I see how that question could have been credibly posed.

The Answer to that question  is simple. There are International Standards pertaining to the number of employees necessary for an Airline to operate solvent per Air Plane. From the purchase of Air Planes to landing fees , fuel, mechanics , baggage handlers, etc. What caused Air Jamaica’s failure has been the padding of the employee rolls to the extent of over 100 persons per Air- Plane, beyond what ought to be.

Air Jamaica was basically used as a piggy-bank of patronage to pay of political patronage, and to buy votes. The same is true for the Urban Transport System, people were collecting salaries but never had to show up for work in cases for years. When a competent Manager was hired to get to the bottom of it, they slaughtered him on the company’s compound.

I say this to say, in every sector of Jamaican life, there is overload and bloat, there is no consideration for the solvency of the nation and the Public Defender’s Act was exactly that, an overload, another “eat a food office” .

If the powers which created this inept duplication were serious about defending the public, they would  have invested  in improving the Justice System. This would include the office of the Director of Public Prosecution, which would ultimately restore the trust of the people, that the system may be trusted to dispense Justice, which in turn would reduce crime and acts of revenge.

Three years after the Security Forces routed Christopher Coke from his Tivoli Gardens readout, Witter has not been able to conclude and present a report to the people of the country through the Parliament.

Yet Witter has found time to ally himself with extremists groups like Jamaicans for Justice to give aid and comfort to Criminals. Witter has gone as far as to suggest that Police accounts of fatal encounters with members of Jamaica’s urban terrorist groups are inaccurate because, not enough Police Officers are getting shot.

Never mind that when Witter and Carolyn Gomez from the extremist group  (JFJ) are asleep, Police officers are risking their lives to keep them safe.

It is incumbent on the people that they demand that this office be disbanded and that all  funds earmarked for it, forthwith be used to improve other areas of the Justice system.

Witter clearly lacks the necessary integrity and character to fulfill the task he has been given, at best he was a mediocre Lawyer, his disdain for Law Enforcement renders him acutely unqualified for the post he now holds, he must be fired.