During the last National Election cycle in the United States, I was flabbergasted when Rick Santorum former Republican Senator from Pennsylvanian referred to the President as a snob. What was galling was not just the disrespect of Santorum toward the sitting President, but more so why he called the President a snob. President Obama had dared to suggest that all young Americans get advanced training. The President did not say everyone should go to college,but suggested rather, that it was imperative that everyone be trained for something. Whether through four year or community colleges or trade schools.  At the time I thought that every young person attending college would have been a noble goal for any Nation, Rick Santorum disagreed. Born in Virginia, Santorum was raised primarily in ButlerPennsylvania. He obtained an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University, an M.B.A. from theUniversity of Pittsburgh, and a J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law . Sounds like Education worked well for Santorum so why would he not want everyone to have the same opportunities he had ? Politics.

At the time, I wrote a scathing blog condemning Santorum for wanting to create two societies, one for the educated and the other for everyone else. I still believe today that college should be a goal for everyone. Not everyone will be a chemical engineer but they should at least have the option to try. Fast forward to Saturday August 17th and it was reaffirmed to me that not all people who benefited from higher learning are smart. I also learned that some are indistinguishable from the Degreee/s they hold. In a simple conversation on Facebook about Okra it became abundantly clear that some of the posters who participated in the forum had precious little to contribute except to tell others that they are Doctors. It was stunning that a conversation about “Okra”could reveal so much about the insecurities of some who claim to be educated. As a couple of contributors in-boxed me during the discussion, it was clear these Doctors are nothing outside the Degrees they hold. I did a quick bit of investigation during  the discussion and concluded that the common thread which bound every last one of those who claimed to be Doctors was….. you guessed it, Jamaica.

My personal doctor knows my aversion to pharmaceuticals, he makes it his duty to tell me what natural foods to take which are healthy alternatives to big Pharma’s drugs. My wife , does not like to use pharmaceutical drugs, but opts instead for natural remedies wherever possible. She has long maintained that doctors are trained to write prescriptions period. As I participated in the forum yesterday I wondered at the silliness of those alleged Doctors. Their closed mindedness was stunning.

One ignoramus claimed that garbage collection was menial work, I wish I knew the men and women who collects that jerk’s garbage, or the people who prepare the foods he eats when he visits restaurants. I realized a long time that each and every one is vital to our world. College is vital, everyone should have a chance to attend. I also learned that some of the brightest minds never set foot on a College Campus or attended but dropped out because of the burning desire to unleash the fire of creativity within them. Bill Gates attended Harvard for a while but eventually dropped out to work on his dream, In his sophomore year, Gates devised an algorithm for pancake sorting as a solution to one of a series of unsolved problems[31] presented in a combinatorics class byHarry Lewis, one of his professors. Gates’s solution held the record as the fastest version for over thirty years. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many others.

The people who plants and gathers the foods we eat are indispensable. Those who make the beds and prepare our foods, make the beds in the hotels we patronize are important. So too are the construction workers. Our Firemen and Police Officers would not have it any other way, they love their jobs. The mail-man and the UPS delivery people are vital to what I do. Finally I love the fact that people collect the garbage, delivers the packages which allows me to run a successful  business. Maybe our educated Jamaican Elitists Doctors could learn a thing or two if they would remove their heads from up their stupid asses, long enough to be reminded that the world does not run solely on doctors. As I contemplated this Article I was reminded of the reason our country is so screwed up, these of whom I speak are drawn from the  very same pool.

Much more to say on this.