The Obama Administration has announced they are ready to launch their 2012 election campaign, this coincided with Mitt Romney all but locking up the nomination for his party. Santorum the last real challenger dropped out before Romney swept all of the five states which were up for grabs last Tuesday. Of course I think we are all aware there are no coincidences in politics, so it’s safe to assume that the launch was intended to coincide with Romneys inevitable win in the states which had their primaries Tuesday.

President Barack Obama. Governor Mitt Romney

The Obama campaign would be well advised that the level of excitement which characterized their  first victory may not be available to them this time around.  The economy is still only tentatively recovering, Guantanamo Bay is still open,The Afghan war is still being waged, even though it seem no one knows why and to what end. Unemployment is high, and there is a general malaise in the air. much of the stagnation in the economy may actually be traced to the doorstep of republicans in  congress who unitary have opposed every proposal or legislation the president has put forth. Mitch McConnell stated emphatically that his only goal is to ensure that the president serves only one term.

Mitch McConnelEric Cantor


One would have thought that as Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell would have had more to do than subvert the president ‘s agenda for political gain. Obviously voters in the state of Kentucky are satisfied with this tired lame excuse of a public servant so he is allowed to do it without consequence, come next election they will vote him back into office, such is the state of ideological politics in this country that people like the senate minority can subvert the will of the vast majority of the people who elected the president.

Make no mistake, the reason we have seen this unanimity of GOP opposition to this president is racial animus. Many of the policies this president has put forth are mostly carry overs from the Bush presidency. Bush enacted the Patriot Act, Obama continued it. Bush started the stimulus, Obama continued it. Bush spent taxpayers money like a drunken sailor, Obama spend to stimulate the economy. Bush mass deported people, Obama accelerated the deportation process. Bush started the Afghanistan war, Obama continued and broadened it. In fact many of Obama’s supporters are mad at him for exactly these policies of Bush which he railed against as candidate Obama.

As a consequence Obama has lost support from the left, lost support from the independent middle and gained nothing from the right. Many make the case that Obama had to try to work with republicans, I disagree, elections have consequence. President Obama was elected to carry out a mandate, if voters wanted republicans they would have voted for them, they did not. Democrats had the house the senate and the white house , yet rather than enact the president’s agenda they squabbled and fought amongst themselves, arguing about leftwing, liberal, and blue-dog, and who fitted into what category. Voters booted them from the house and handed control to republicans , who have since done nothing for the average American.

Republicans in the house and Senate should not have had a oppurtunity to affect this president’s agenda, democrats were handed a sizeable majority in the house, control of the senate and control of the white house. Given all of that power republicans would have changed the face of America. President Obama has been forced to play defense and use executive orders to get anything done, which saw him spending a lot of time selling his plans to the American people when he should be doing what he was elected to do, govern.

 John Boehner              

    Paul Ryan

When the history books are written detailing this chapter of American History, this congress will have the dubious distinction of having assaulted and abused the first African president.  Not with water-hoses , guns , dogs and legal thugs , but by unanimity of inaction, disrespect and derision. This congress led by John Bohnear must be remembered with the likes of George Wallace, and Bull O’Connor.

Republicans never ceases to amaze me, I never quite understood how they manage to get so many people to vote against their own self-interest. The other subject of amazement for me is that they lie blatantly , something which is a pet peeve of mine , but I digress, I utterly loathe liars, yet republicans as a unit to the last troll, are able to lie bare-faced  without batting an eye and people vote for them. Lying is a serious character flaw, to me it goes to the heart of one’s character, or as in the republicans case, the lack thereof. I wonder if other people find the act of lying as loathsome as I do?

The republican Governor of Mississippi recently stated on right-wing radio that all democrats and planned parent-hood wants is to commit abortions. Now granted that it is all lies, abortions is a small part of the services that planned parent-hood offers to women. The very republicans who holler and prostrate themselves as savior of unborn children in Paul Ryan’s budget would deny the very children the most basic of necessities, food.

It follows that what they care about is only what happens in a woman’s womb, they care nothing about children, they would cut services like food stamps, and other basis services to the poorest people who are unable to help themselves, whilst giving more and more tax breaks to the wealthiest people who do not need the money.

The tried and failed policies of trickle down economics which Herbert Walker Bush correctly  labeled voodoo economics has been exposed as a sham and a fraudulent back-door way of paying off wealthy campaign donors, coupled with recent supreme court decisions in citizens united , average Americans are in for a very rough ride. The power of the American people are now centered in the hands of a very few filthy rich people.

The wishy- washy nature of democrats, does not allow them to call republicans out as the flaming liars they are. This  has given them unrestrained acces to shape the debate based solely on fiction. Say what you want about republicans they understand the art of deception, I would never support them but one has to give credit to an organization that can effectively make fools of so many, getting them to disregard their own interest.

Republicans have very strict discipline, they all repeat the same lies , and they usually do so without any pushback from their feckless political adversaries. Democrats  choose rather to use nuanced terms, giving credence to the lies that they are elitists. Rather than speak directly  to the American people, the way republicans do, democrats beat around the bush. With the loss of a straight shooter like Barney Frank of Massachuset, democrats will be even worse off. Bill Clinton had Carville and Begala, Obama has himself.

If Obama shape the narrative with easy and direct clarity he will win re-election, continuing to speak in professorial terms will end up in defeat for him . Based on his record there is no reason for him to lose this election.