Raymond Wilson Chairman of the Police Federation came out with a blistering push-back against the foundation support structure which facilitates crime in Jamaica. In a blistering broadside against Politicians who support garrison politics , so called rights groups which instigate and aid and comfort criminals,to (indecom), Wilson spared no punches. Speaking at the funeral service for slain police officer Crystal Thomas at the Ebenezer Fellowship Church of God Seventh-day in Spanish Town, St Catherine Wilson finally let loose.  Wilson said that for too long administrators have been giving police “basket to carry water” and it should now stop as he called for the support of the wider society.

Wilson said he asked Dalley, during a negotiation, if he was waiting for a police officer to be murdered while using the public transportation system before a bus is made available to take them home after work. He said the minister’s response was that no money was available to fulfill that request. “That is what the value of the life of a police officer is,” Wilson told mourners in his no-holds-barred address.
What gave criminals “more right to life” than a police officer or “law-abiding citizens of this country”?

Of course as is to be expected it did not take long for the pseudo-colonialists caste-segregationists to come out against Raymond Wilson. Today the Editorial page of the Observer excoriated Wilson , labeling him disingenuous and Irresponsible. In it’s diatribe the writer pontificated quote :Sergeant Wilson, obviously playing on the emotions of the congregation, asked what gave criminals “more right to life” than a police officer or “law-abiding citizens of this country”.
Of course these cowardly mouthpiece of the criminal class are able to do much damage from their lofty perches while they hide behind the papered walls of anonymity. They are cowardly functionaries and perpetrators of mayhem who never have to face bullets and knives but who have the luxury of shaping opinions. I cannot wait for the mayhem to reach the doorsteps of these modern day Pharisees.

On every occasion that members of the JCF stand up for themselves these Vultures emerge and get to work feeding on the carcass of the police issue. They are bottom feeders who pretend they have Jamaica’s interest at heart but they don’t and the people must be educated about that. The complicit criminal supporting media is not objecting substantively to the content of Wilson’s speech , what they object to is his right as a local boy from Saint Mary to say what he said.
There is a certain class which is destroying our country and it’s time the wrath of the people be turned against those people.

Raymond Wilson spoke eloquently about them but there are others.
♦ The Norman Manley Law School.
♦ The Bar Association of Jamaica.
♦ (indecom).
♦ Jamaicans for Justice(JFJ).
♦ Families Against State Terroris (FAST).
♦ The Independent Jamaica Council  on Human Rights.
♦ The Peace Management Initiative. (PMI).
These are just a few of the criminal supporting groups which are actively engaged in lobbying for legislation against serious law-enforcement on the Island. These are just a few of the groups arrayed against Police.
The police need allies, the Police do not risk their lives against Jamaica’s ruthless murderers for themselves they do so for the people who are against criminals.

Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson

Many of these Pharisees have dual citizenship most have visas. The majority of poor law abiding people cannot afford to run. Those who come to Jamaica and  offer help to muzzle the police have their countries to go back to and guess what they are absolutely powerless in their countries in shaping policy or affecting the way police do their job.
I understand that the hero of the Elites Terrence Williams will be addressing the comments of Raymond Wilson at another function he will be attending today , this time in Mandeville Manchester.
It must be nice to have a job where not much else is done for the money beyond persecuting hard working people and attending social functions . We cannot wait to get that speech , we are already anticipating the sarcasm and condescension which is sure to come and we will be addressing that as well.

One of the nonsense being sold the Jamaican people is that if police officers are doing their jobs the correct way they have nothing to fear.
There is also the narrative that incidents of police shootings have gone down because of (indecom’s) vigilance.
Both are bull-shit arguments which are not supported by facts and I will now address both.
♦ Every complaint made against a particular police officer real or maliciously contrived is investigated by (indecom) .Not just shootings or killings.
♦ That Officer is then subjected to an investigation which includes but is not confined to going to the offices of (indecom) to give statements to their operatives in support of his/her innocence.
♦ As per the (indecom) Act officers refuse to comply with those dictates at the risk of criminal prosecution.
♦ Under Jamaica’s Constitution no Jamaican  may be forced to give a statement which may be used against them as such the (indecom) Act is unconstutional.
♦ Jamaican police officers are the only people in the country who may be forced contrary to the constitution to give statements against their will.
♦ Police officers are left out in the cold to fend for themselves usually resulting in tremendous  financial hardships usually ending in financial ruin for officers.
♦ By (indecom’s) own admission the vast majority of cases it investigates against police officers result in no case being brought against the officer.
♦ Officers careers are destroyed because of these witch hunts.
♦ Criminals report abuse against officers to get rid of effective police officers who pose a threat to their operations.
♦ Let me see those of you who make those asinine comments about having nothing to fear deal with the real prospect of prison hanging over your head every day you go to work because a certain criminal Don wants you gone and have the power to force people to lie against you.
♦ And having a Government Agency facilitate that persecution.

Terrence Williams
Terrence Williams

Many years ago I was engaged in an investigation which targeted a particular family in Cassava-Piece just below the Constant Spring Police Station where  I was stationed. The family was a know family of criminals which was engaged in cocaine distribution, theft of automobiles, high-end motor-cycles and other criminal activities.
I went to the house looking for the two sons who were engaged in the criminal enterprise with their mother. She told me her sons were not at home. I asked her to inform her sons they were the subject of an investigation I was conducting and as such it would be in their interest to contact me at the Station as soon as possible.
That particular case involved but was not confined to the theft of a motorcycle.

I also told her in no uncertain terms that I knew they stole the motorcycle and it would be in their best interest if they placed the motorcycle out in the open where I would find it before I found them .
We then left her yard……..
The motorcycle ended up in New Kingston on Knutsford Boulevard in the same condition it was stolen
We finished our tour and went home.
The next Morning My Sub Officer in charge of crime informed me that the Superintendent in charge needed to speak to me. I though it odd I but went along with my so/ic crime to his officer. He was on the phone chatting away as if I was transparent, so I bit my tongue and stood there for a couple of minutes . I turned and started walking out which prompted him to hastily hang up the phone and mercilessly lit into me. He accused me of firing multiple shots at the woman’s house and  raft of other accusations. I was never one who particularly liked, nor admired these older cops. In my estimation most I thought were unprepared and ill-equipped for the positions they held, usually attained due to long service or political affiliation or both.
His brazen ignorance intrigued me.. So I indulged him by standing there, seemingly subdued ,(playing possum) giving him more confidence to berate me.
♦It never occurred to him that if a weapon was fired a simple forensic test would confirm it.
♦ It never occurred to him that if shots were fired at all it would have elicited a response from other police officers on patrol and Police control would have had a record of it particularly in the middle of the day.
♦It never occurred to him that he was a  gullible clueless pawn of a family whose business was crime.
♦ It never occurred to him that a simple common criminal woman had outsmarted him taking advantage of what she knew would have been his weakness of throwing a junior officer under the bus at a moment’s notice to assuage anyone regardless of the circumstances.

After he was finished yelling I pulled my weapon from it’s holster released the magazine and extracted the round I had up the breech, I then removed the spare magazine I carried from it’s case and threw them on his desk. I told him a simple forensic test will tell the story.
The remainder of what I said to him will remain between him, my So/ic crime Jerry Wallace and myself . I walked out followed by Jerry Wallace who placed his hands on his head and said “Jeezas crise never inna mi life, mi nevva hear one corporal dress dung one superintendent so”.
Later that day the Superintendent came to my office and apologized to me.
There was no (indecom) at that time. Had there been (indecom) those lies would have been told to them. I would have been subjected to dealing with them . Of course I would be exonerated but investigated yes.
That is just a single day in the life of an efficient cop.
That is just what criminals do on a daily basis.
The woman and her sons understood that concept the superintendent did not. Nothing she did nor what the Superintendent said prevented or stopped my work . Both her sons were arrested by me and placed before a court of law. Both were sentenced to prison time.

Those who argue that lower incidents of police shootings are attributable to (indecom’s) vigilance is blowing smoke up your asses. They have zero data in support of that claim. What I will tell you is that the lower incidents of police shootings are exactly attributable to the dramatic lessening of police engagement.
The Country’s astronomically high homicide rate and other serious crimes is testament to that fact.
Like everything else the Political left in Jamaica has come up with since independence they are wrong on this. Wrong On (indecom) . Wrong of the economy , wrong on poverty, and yes they are wrong on crime.
The misguided wannabe-be big-shots (penny millionaires) who coin public policy and security strategies do so with zero understanding of policing or the consequences of  it’s absence on the population.
These are the shit-heads who are making decisions for the Jamaican people . As Wilson said the Police are the scape-goats who are given basket to carry water.


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