Owen Ellington
Owen Ellington

Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington has decided to call it quits. Ellington  took office in 2010 amidst rampant Police corruption and escalating crime.

During his tenure, the country saw a significant decrease in murders. In 2010, the murder toll dropped to 1,442 from 1,683 in 2009. In 2011 a total of 1,132 murders were reported, while in 2012 the number stood at 1,097. However, the following year the number increased to 1,300. 

Ellington has brought wide spread change to the Department, particularly in dealing with rogue cops. He is also guilty of some mis-steps , chief among which is the decision to make the Force Orders available to the public. A colossal no-no in my opinion.

It is difficult however to argue that he was ineffectual or a political lackey like some of his predecessors. Commissioner Ellington has served as well as could be expected from someone having to do his Job in that climate.

Given an ideal situation Ellington would have been an exemplary Commissioner of Police. He is educated and has genuine leadership skills. His departure will be our country’s loss.

“Commissioner Ellington has indicated that his decision to retire is based on the need to separate himself from the leadership and management of the force prior to the commencement of the upcoming Commission of Enquiry into the conduct of the operations of the security forces in Western Kingston and other areas during the limited State of Emergency in 2010,” the ministry said in a news release.“In addition, he believes it will allow the Independent Commission of Investigations, (INDECOM) to conduct its investigation into allegations of police-involved Clarendon Division (some of which occurred during his tenure) without any perception of influence or interference on his part.(observer)

Everyone must know this is a Press Release which has nothing to do with the real reason/s Mister Ellington has decided to take his leave. I personally wish him well, he was far more suited to lead the people who were leading him .

God speed Owen Ellington…