Ellington Finally Grows Some Balls.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record I ask again does the Jamaican people realize that the broken Justice system is literally killing our country. Some pay lip-service to human rights because they have an axe to grind, soon enough however the truth will lay bare their true intentions for those with eyes to see. The tragedy is that even with an abundance of truths some still fall for the bull.(Wid an abundace of wata, di fool still ded fi thirst.Honorable Robert Nesta Marley)

We simply have to face the facts which are staring us in the face, In our country Jamaica a small Island 4411 square miles and roughly 2.8 million people we kill each other with more frequency than all the other countries in the world except about 3 to 5 others.  So we  ask ourselves ,to what is this departure from civility attributable? Those of us who were raised into believing in God, argues that we have ceased believing in the sovereignty of God Almighty. We have turned to our own ways now, because we are way too intelligent to believe in a God we have never seen and who allows horrible things to happen.

Some intellectuals go further, labeling the Bible an old book of fables, antiquated out-dated and irrelevant to our times. Ironically the Bible did predict that in the end times , man would trust to his own understanding. It clearly states that knowledge will be the greatest vice for man and the catalyst for his down-fall. One truth has evaded the intellectuals who are turned out of Institutions of higher learning, from the University of the West Indies to Harvard, Yale and Oxford is that God gave us free-will. So God does not sit around waiting for us to mess-up , like an umpire calling balls and strikes. You see the Elite have failed to realize that the Universe given to us by God operates on set principles. Simply put you chose a life of lascivious, hedonistic pleasures the end thereof is corruption of the flesh and spiritual death. If we chose to live our lives loving each other, caring for each other, giving to each other, we by our own actions, create the Utopian paradise we want. We get to decide, because God gave us free will he cannot and will not take back that free-will, he is not man that he should lie. Having a heart which fears God is not a heart that wants to kill, rape, or hurt anyone, if the world have a heart for God there would be none of those evils. To the Elitists and the pseudo-Intellectuals, you don’t have to believe in my God, but you will find it impossible to successfully argue against the principles I just laid out. You don’t have to call him God, I will, but the principles are sound. Every day we read of children being raped and murdered, old men and women decapitated, entire families wiped out. Yet there are many people who rationalize those killings as normal. They have a mouth-full of idiocy to try to make you believe what you see and hear happening is no big deal, crime is everywhere. Of course crime is everywhere, does that mean we should find comfort that not only Jamaica has crime? It’s crazy how Satan has pulled the wool over our eyes on issue after issue.

With that said however let’s take a look at crime and what drives crime in Jamaica. It was heartening to see Jamaica’s police commissioner Owen Ellington’s article on Face/Book dealing with the issue. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=536306386432681&id=177006552362668

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Security analysts describe a failed state as one in which the state has lost the capacity and the political will to perform basic governance functions, such as efficient revenue collection; assure public security and safety; build and maintain critical public infrastructure; public services such as security, public health, education; enforce the rule of law and exercise sovereign control over the territory.

My only question to the commissioner , even as I applaud him is ,what the hell took you so long? It cannot be that it took him all this time since he became commissioner to realize that crime is a business and the service he and the department offers is also a business. After all Ellington has a degree in Business administration that ought to count for something other than letters behind names as is customary in our Island home. I was also buoyed and elated that the commissioner seemed to have lifted the narrative from our website , the very narrative I have been expounding for the last several years.

Singapore, Singapore.

I have long sought to raise awareness of the negative consequences crime is having on the social fabric of our country.

♦Politics and Political interference.

♥ An incompetent and corrupt Judicial system.

♣ Waste and theft of tax-payers resources.

♠ Nepotism,corruption and graft.

♦ Abrasive ,abusive and incompetent political leadership of both political parties which comprised all the other negative characteristics laid out in the previous four lines.Jamaica’s politicians are largely criminals save and except a few.

Where there is no wisdom the people perish. Many Jamaicans would readily give their lives for the two criminal  gangs which runs the country, in fact many will tell you they are born PNP or JLP. Those two acronyms representing the Peoples National Party and the Jamaica Labor Party. Between these two political gangs they have rendered Jamaica almost a failed state, reduced the country to a International disgrace and a pariah and the people almost to a man,  hustlers and beggars.


Kingston Jamaica.

One need look no further than the present leadership of the country, as well as the actions of Bruce Golding before this blind Bartimus at the helm, to get an idea why Jamaica is what it is today. We may chose to bury our heads in the sand of time and pretend, or we may face the truth. if we do not act fast we will not have a Jamaica the way we knew it, many say it’s already too late.  Jamaica is fast becoming a failed state, even the people in government are running, the criminals have the police department issuing bulletins to officers to protect their own lives. That my friend are the ingredients of a failed state. I encourage you, as you read this, to read what Owen Ellington argued constitutes a failed state. I have provided the quote below and the link above for your information.

Security analysts describe a failed state as one in which the state has lost the capacity and the political will to perform basic governance functions, such as efficient revenue collection; assure public security and safety; build and maintain critical public infrastructure; public services such as security, public health, education; enforce the rule of law and exercise sovereign control over the territory.

By those defining characteristics you tell me if Jamaica is a failed state or not!


Kingston Jamaica.

In Jamaica, convicted gun offenders can walk out of court with a suspended sentence or probation. Some pay a fine. Last year, for the period January to September, 75 per cent of convictions in the Western Regional Gun Court resulted in non-custodial sentencing, even as St James was recording twice the national murder rate. In one case where a police raid netted four high-powered rifles, over 1,200 rounds of ammunition, bulletproof vests, telescopic lens and other war-like equipment — enough to start a small war — the accused persons who pleaded guilty were fined $80,000 and given three years’ probation. This approach does not signal any policy intent to improve public security.(Owen Ellington commissioner of Police).

Through the inception of this publication I have labored to expose these truths , I am thrilled to see that Jamaica’s police commissioner has finally grown the balls to call out the corrupt government and the criminal coddling courts and criminal rights lobby . Let me be clear they may fire Ellington for laying out such broad-based policy directions  as a civil servant. I have asked him to do so in these blogs, in the news papers , chastising him to step aside or speak out . I have no such fear, as such I have called them the thieves and murderers that they are, from the highest office on down to the (dutty foot bwoy pon di street). Enough is enough.










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  1. At last, someone has the balls to call a spade a spade. but this alone will not stop the failure from proceeding apace. we the people have to decide to put our dollars and rhetoric behind a set of people who are prepared and willing to make some changes, come election time. who is willing to stand against the gangs and make some changes, however unpalatable those changes may seem at the present time, in order to effect some betterment for our country

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