Over the succeeding days ,weeks and months, the abrupt departure of Commissioner of Police Owen Ellington will invariably be the topic of many discussions.

Ellington’s sudden Exit is not novel in the way Commissioner’s of Police have left their jobs in the Island Nation. Of course as Jamaicans like to say “if suppem nuh gu su it nealy gu su” .Translation , if what you heard is not totally true, it has some truth to it.

Owen Ellington could never have been the first choice for the PNP Government. After all Ellington was appointed Commissioner of Police under Bruce Golding and his JLP Administration in 2010. Anyone with knowledge of Jamaican politics, knows that plum jobs are handed out to die-hard party loyalists, sometimes, irrespective of qualifications or talent.

This is generally true of both Political Parties. However the PNP having held elected office for 28 of the last 40 years, have literally tribalized the entire public sector from top to bottom. No area of national life has been spared the corrosive insidious cancer, which is the People’s National Party Agenda.

Bunting and Ellington
Bunting and Ellington

Ellington posed a problem for the new PNP Administration however. He was educated. He was well loved by the men and women under his command. He also had the respect and admiration of the public. Ellington’s popularity with the public came largely from his stated commitment to removing rogue cops, restoring credibility to the Agency and reducing crime.

Hardly any other Commissioner came to the top job with such a clear-eyed focus, on what needed to be done. How do you replace someone with Ellington’s Resume, and game-plan

So the Directionally challenged, morally bankrupt, crime loving Administration was stuck with Owen Ellington. This does not speak to Ellington’s Politics far from it. In fact he may be a supporter for all we know. Just not a died-in-the-wool PNP tribalists like a Roy Thompson or a Francis Forbes. Or a potential member of Parliament in waiting like a Lucius Thomas for that matter.

Jamaica's PM Portia Simpson Miller
Jamaica’s PM Portia Simpson Miller

Ellington is no fool, he must have had his resignation ready in his desk drawer from the day the new Administration stepped into Jamaica House.They did not give him a single vote extending the limited state of emergency when he went into Tivoli Gardens to get Dudus Coke.

The PNP showed their hand when despite being chief cheer-leaders against Bruce Golding,they would not support the security forces. In a Country populated with reasonable people that party would have been banned to political obscurity. They were conversely rewarded with the reins of Government just months later. Golding for his part, was the one banned to obscurity for stupidly intervening into what clearly was a matter for the country’s courts.

It’s now 2014 this Government has been a colossal failure by every metric. National Elections are constitutionally due between  December 29th 2016 and 16 March 2017 . It is important that the corrupt Simpson Miller Administration have trusted loyalists in place in time to execute their game plan.

We do not yet know what the true reason was, why Ellington was shown the door. He may have been asked to do something antithetical to his beliefs and principles. He may have been put in a tenuous position rendering it impossible for him to continue . Whatever the reason, the narrative put forth by Bunting and his Ministry amounts to nothing more than a load of crock.

I was never a great fan of Owen Ellington, I am a huge fan of Jamaica, With Miller and the band of thieves running the government and Ellington running the JCF it was always a situation out of correct order.

It must have been hard for him to dumb down for his political bosses. Ellington gained my respect when he wrote an article trumpeting the Indonesian model and it’s successes. I thought the writing was on the wall for his tenure, I said so then.




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  1. Interesting piece. The Jamaican street is of the perspective that the massive rally in Half Way Tree Square sponsored by the organization CAUSE against homosexuality may be the reason for his removal…

  2. Enjoyed the piece, however;I
    will await the real reason for his resignation. Bet it is something that involves himself and G. Bent.

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