Ellington Continues To Play With Cops Lives.

Jamaica’s Police Commissioner has once again put his foot into his mouth, Owen Ellington the Police commissioner  seem to believe that pandering to public perceptions is a safer and better bet in securing the country than building morale, training and fighting for livable wages for officers, while weeding out crooked and corrupt members.

Owen Ellington

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Owen Ellington has taken unprecedented steps to make sure that the public like him, he has made the confidential police communication document (force orders) public. This is the first instance to my knowledge where a company , organization , or institution has made their private and confidential communique available to the general public, much less a security or law Enforcement Agency.

I must say that the security firm Guardsman is a better run Agency that the JCF. Ellington’s gamble is simple, provide the media with a constant stream of non-news by the weekly communications he has with the Department, this does give Jamaica’s lazy unprofessional and incompetent media practitioners a constant stream of information that they pass as news to a gullible law enforcement hating public. Ellington looks like he is doing something spectacular, the media has a steady stream of news and Police officers look like idiots and their safety is compromised, what’s not to like? Ellington has positioned himself as a reformer when the opposite is really true, let’s take a closer look.

Ellington’s experience

Ellington joined the JCF in 1980 , a past student of Glengoff High School, Ellington was educated at the University of the West Indies where he holds a bachelors degree in human resource and a Masters degrees in National security and strategic studies. He also participated in Certificate courses in various countries to include China and the United States. The fact is Ellington is academicaly  qualified to be Prime Minister of Jamaica he however lacks the requisite skills needed to be an effective commissioner of police. There are those who believe academic qualifications are enough to make a good cop, the truth is good cops the world over do not have a bachelors degree , much less a masters, I am in no way trying to diminish the importance of being adequately educated. What I am saying is that it does not require a rocket scientist to be a good cop.

Ellington lack the most fundamental asset that makes a good cop, that characteristic is street smart, Ellington was reared in one office or another, he spent precious little time if any doing police work and as such he has no real experience in how actual policing is done. Police Departments that wants a technocrat at their helm are smart enough to recognize they need a police chief that came up through the ranks. As is almost the case with everything else in Jamaica that  process is dysfunctional , this system of wanting a Technocrat at the helm without a credible feel for the streets is one bourne out of folly, pencil pushers cannot do police work and damn sure cannot succeed in doing that job in Jamaica of all places.


On the 14th of this month we blogged about the serious threats against police personnel in the St. Catherine north , south and Clarendon Divisions made public by no other than Ellington, who begged members to be on the highest alert. Jamaican cops live in a virtual war zone , irrespective of where they are stationed,they are the guardians of the gate and as such they have much enemies, even some who should be friends are enemies This is not the first time Ellington has been forced to raise the threat assessment level against members of the JCF by criminals who are determined to kill cops at whatever cost, if they cannot have their way in wreaking havoc in the country.


October 23rd Ellington was again in the news, this time  berating cops for taking home weapons to protect their lives and that of their families.

Said Ellington.

There are numerous instances where persons who are stopped by the police declare themselves to be police officers. Sometimes these persons produce police identification; however, there is nothing provided for them to verify that they are authorised to carry the firearm.”Ellington reminded his charges that only a certain category of officers within the JCF are given service firearms to keep and care. He argued that the absence of a proper system to quickly verify whether a member is authorised to be in possession of a service firearm presents a risk, especially to officers performing duties in civilian attire.A policeman’s uniform forms part of his identification. It tells the organisation the person is employed with (Jamaica Constabulary Force or Island Special Constabulary Force); the level within the organisation the person is at; and sometimes gives an idea of the person’s length of service from the insignia worn. This, therefore, plays a very important role in augmenting the identification card,” explained Ellington. He added: “This additional form of identification is not extended to persons performing duties in civilian attire because of the need for them to be less overt and less visible than uniformed police personnel. In light of this, without an established system to quickly verify that a person is authorised to carry a firearm, armed criminals may get by police roadblocks and spot checks with illegal weapons by claiming to be police personnel if they are able to produce a police identification card.” According to Ellington, when an armed person in civilian clothing is stopped by the police and declares himself to be a member of the police force, contact is usually made with the division the person claims he is from to verify the accuracy of the claim, as well as to establish if the person is authorised to carry the pistol in his possession. “This process may be a very lengthy and complicated one as the person in the division with whom the information lies might not be available. There are instances where it is verified that the person being checked is a police officer, however, the division cannot confirm at the time that the person is authorised to carry the firearm,” said Ellington.(Daily Gleaner)

 What a load of excrement !!!

Is this guy for real ? If there are cops who cannot be trusted with a gun , clearly that cop cannot be trusted with making life and death decisions with the lives of our citizens, can’t you see this is the problem? Jamaica has one of the highest homicide rate in the world, coupled with that the land mass is one of the smallest for a country with that high level of murdering scum bags running around, this places the lives of officers and their families significantly in harm’s way. Officers do not earn enough to live in gated communities so they share the same communities with the killers. What Ellington is doing is playing a populist game with the lives of cops to please the puppeteers who pull his strings. Cops are not allowed to take home weapons after they just removed the ballistic vests , helmet and other paraphernalia after a tour, they are then forced to go out and face the music going home , and coming back to work, then they suit up to go protect the lives of the rich and powerful and those who tolerate Ellington at the cocktail receptions, Does anyone wonder why even middle class people do not allow their children to be cops in Jamaica. Does Ellington have a gun and police protection ?


I have previously pointed to this guys actions in making the security document public, revealing where officers are stationed , their movements, and other logistical details. I have argued that any right the public may claim to have in this regard, is trumped by the fact this is a National security Agency , notwithstanding, Ellington has made the Force Orders public, I am yet to hear what overriding public need is met by doing so. Ellington has sought to distance himself from rank and file members of the force, following in the footsteps of some past commissioners who never did a day policing in their lives, we have all seen how well that experiment worked out for the country. Rank and file members of the force continue to operate in a vacuum with marginal to zero support from their bosses within the high command and the political directorate, the crime situation will not improve untill all are on board the same train heading in the same anti-crime direction. In the meantime Ellington continues to make an ass of himself . It just goes to show that having a degree or two or three does not make one smart.

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  1. This is the same man that the public praised, btw where is he nw? Reporting on condition of bail, due to his corrupt ways n affiliation with criminal eliments. This is who the public wanted, a man that was promoted while in lock up, a man that was mentioned in a car stealing ring, a man that was mentioned in a missing rifle, a man that pushed his daughter through a specially built program in the JCF to be promoted only problem is that the requirement was to have a degree n his daughter didnt aquire it as yet bt was still promoted, a man that US is considering to send a extradition order for relating to money laundering n drug charges. This is the same man that has a security company bt wldnt let OMI (the cheerleader star) stay in d JCF look where he is nw, bet thats hurting u Mr. Ellington. Karma is indeed a BITCH

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