Two years ago I wrote a series of short blogs, they were in relationship to events on the ground in Jamaica. Gang warfare was the issue then. At the time Police Commissioner Owen Ellington called on his divisional commanders to come up with strategies to eradicate gang activity from their individual divisions. I thought that was odd, for several reasons, not least of which was that the commissioner wanted divisional heads to come up with their own strategies. It seemed to me at the time that a comprehensive strategy should be developed by the police high command, fine tuned by the departments lawyers and validated by strong legislative support.


Commissioner Owen Ellington

I argued then that the commissioner’s approach would be nothing more than a patchwork of simple raids which will eventually target regular people, while real criminals continue with their crimes. I also argued that this commissioner had no practical knowledge of crime reduction, neither did most of the top commanders within the present JCF. As such I opined that crime would get worse. Since then I don’t believe anyone can honestly say I was wrong in my assessment, or that the Commissioner’s rhetoric has borne any fruit.  Just yesterday the Observer chronicled ghastly allegations of mass graves and routine killings by gangs in the eastern part of the country allegedly involving Police officers aligned to the gangs. It would be naïve to believe that there is no truth to these allegations, or that these graves would be confined to any one geographic area of the Island. Over the years Jamaica has become a killing field, no one is safe anywhere in Jamaica anymore.

How did we get here? The politics of both political parties got us here. Two Political parties which are glorified criminal gangs. One better at winning elections, so it control the turf. He who controls the purse strings controls the voters, he who controls the voters controls the purse strings.  Why would either party want a professional police department? Over the years the JCF has been populated with boot-lickers. Good competent dedicated officers exited the stage leaving vast openings for criminals and political patrons to fill, and fill it they did. The Constabulary underwent a radical transformation during the regime of Percival Patterson, for a full decade the department was not given the funds to train a single detective. Patterson simply did not care about crime as long as he was able to feather his finical nest, and that of his cronies. The country and police department is still reeling from the effects of the devastation of the Patterson regime.

The Minister of National Security seem to want an end to the crime on one hand . His approach is that the country needs divine intervention. I agree with him yet I understand God will not come down and beg criminals to put their guns down. Criminals must be made to put the guns down, or the state must take the guns from their lifeless hands. On the other hand Minister Bunting says there is no indication crime is spiraling out of control. What? .. Every year close to 1.600 Jamaicans are reported killed , that number does not take into account the many others murdered and their bodies dumped. What is happening in Jamaica is shameful, it is frightening, it is dastardly it reminds us of other places where millions are massacred and no one held responsible. This Government must take responsibility for the thousands of Jamaicans who are murdered every year and no one is held accountable.

It is a monumental fraud to pretend Jamaica is this hospitable place as they trumpet the fact that 2 million people visited in a year. At the same time people are being killed and their bodies dumped in mass graves. This cannot stand, this Prime Minister cannot continue to fly around on the country’s borrowed money, while this is happening on her watch. To say she is incompetent would be disrespectful to the incompetent. This woman by virtue of her being Prime Minister is itself  a monumental fraud and a travesty. Yet there is no shortage of apologists willing to see this once pearl of the Caribbean reduced to the standards of sub Saharan Africa. Those of you who believe it can’t happen need to have your heads examined. All of the components are already in place for it to happen . In 2010 we saw for the first time what a defiant militia can do. The entire country is divvied up into turfs ,each controlled by local low life punks who believe  they are Dons. They have no shortage of guns and ammunition, and damn sure no shortage of mercenaries. Sadly it appears some of those mercenaries are ,members of the security forces. When this issue is looked at in it’s totality it becomes clear that Jamaica is closer to sub Saharan Africa than many of you imagine. continue to pretend , continue to tell yourselves it’s not that bad. keep your heads buried in the sand.