Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney believes he can ride to victory, grabbing the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue from Barack and Michelle Obama on the singular issue of a perceived bad economy.

Of course Romney felt that would be a viable strategy, why not? The Pundits all argue that no president may be re-elected with unemployment above 7%. The much maligned Obama-Care had seen Tea-Party Fanatics sweeping to power, wresting control of the House of Representatives from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Democrats of course not been go -getters, sat on their asses and did nothing, zilch, nada.  Republicans went around the country blasting the president for what they disparagingly dubbed Obama-care. Every Republican did the same as they do on every issue, they dominated the airwaves with talking points,”Obama-care is big Government take over of the best health care system in the world’.

Democrats did nothing to not only push back on the good of the president’s health care initiative, they ran as hell from it. Not only did they allow Republicans to shape the narrative on what is a good piece of legislation, Democrats allowed it to be so maligned it cost them the House of Representatives.

The truth is, a vast chunk of the American population had no health care in the so-called best system in the world. Even with the portion of Obama-Care which has been implemented thus far, preventing Insurance Companies from refusing to insure Americans with pre-existing conditions, there are yet millions of Americans who still have no Health Insurance.

What the singular strategy of Romney entailed was that he myopically betted that the American economy would not show any significant signs of improvement and on that note Barack Obama will be booted from office. There are other stratagems at play demonize Obama to the public, suppress the Black and Latino vote and he will be guaranteed a victory come November 6th.

I have no evidence that Mister Romney has a hand in voter suppression, not yet anyway, but it seem rather clear that Republican Legislatures in many states around the country seem to have a singular focus, to ensure that as small amount of electors as possible, show up to vote on election day. It seem also from the voting rules put in place limiting voting days, limiting voting on the Sunday just before elections, and most of all, the rigid ID requirements, if left to stand as designed , clearly wants to keep Black people from the voting booths on election day.

The arguments in support of the new voting laws are convoluted and is impossible to articulate, by the architects, their supporters, or even their lawyers court, as was evidenced in the Pennsylvania high court. The confession by the Republican Legislative Leader that voter ID law was designed to hand the State to Mitt Romney ,ought to end this conversation, and every law so designed should be seen for what they are, a back door repeal of the Voting Rights Act.

Romney has shown no leadership on presenting to the electorate, a cohesive ,detailed plan which differs from that of the President. Instead he tells voters to elect him even as he lies about the President’s record and words. If Romney expected to attract the meager sliver of so-called swing voters , he set aside from the lazy entitled moochers he blasted at that private affair in Florida, he certainly must do more than just say “elect me and I will do the opposite of what he does”.

When it became apparent after the Ryan pick and the less than expected Convention that strategy was not enough Romney decided to critique the president’s every word, looking for ” ha ha gotcha moments” that will be the game changer. First , he anticipated that the Right’s suspicion of him would be alleviated by his pick of Ryan, well the right may have been somewhat appeased but, was it the base that Romney needed to shore up , or was he trying to grab those persuadables in the middle?


Since Romney had literally written off  the 47%, whom he stated categorically will never come around to his way of thinking, you know the  lazy people who believe Government must provide for them, then the middle by my estimation, would probably be just 3% . If the other 50% are Republicans, just some arithmetic, Clinton style.

The problem with Mitt Romney’s strategy on Ryan is that Paul Ryan is neither brave, fiscally conservative, nor a deficit hawk. Ryan voted for every big government program of the Bush Administration, Ryan begged for Stimulus money, even as he lambasted the Administration for administering the stimulus. What that makes Paul Ryan are none of the above, but a hypocrite and a fraud.

Once the National spotlight was shone on Paul Ryan, it became clear that this guy was nothing more than a Trojan Horse, with appeal only to the far right, a male Sarah Palin if you will, only a little smarter. Ryan’s much maligned Convention speech, and a litany of other lies on the stump, quickly removed the thin veneer of luster from Ryan, who looked to many like a shiny Golden Orb, but was quickly revealed to be clay with spray paint.

As we have come to expect, the etch a-sketch candidate reverted to a more rabid attack dog strategy against  the President of the United States. The trouble with that strategy is that it means attacking quickly, which opens him up to going on the attack without all the facts, or in the case of the killing of Ambassador Christopher Stephens , none of the facts.

Romney actions thus far this campaign, has been a disjointed opportunistic lurch from one ill-advised strategy to another, one which rivals John McCain’s suspension of his campaign during the economic meltdown of 2008.   As I write this column Mitt Romney has employed a strategy which seem to be to sit with a note pad listening to the president’s every word then take a small segment out of context  to demagogue.

This latest ploy by Romney and Ryan smacks of a desperate childish not ready for prime time operation. The Romney Campaign solidified that impression by releasing a summary of his tax returns (not the actual returns), yesterday Friday September 21st. This transparent document dump, on a Friday evening , designed to stop the bleeding from his Boca Raton diss of the 47 %, has done nothing to stop the bleeding, but have opened up another artery bleeding the lifeblood from this lunatic campaign. November 6th will be a welcome respite for Mitt Romney,it cannot come soon enough.

Once again Mitt Romney and his campaign operatives have decided that the American public are total fools. Romney has donated a significant amount of money which gives the appearance that he has paid a tax rate of 14 % , what he hasn’t done is to claim back all of those deductions, which gives Mitt Romney the option to file for an adjustment at a later date, which will see him then retrieving the balance of those  donations.

It is certainly not illegal, but it is a cynical , disgustingly insulting manipulation of a system which is already rigged toward the very rich.

It is a peek into what a Romney Ryan Administration would look like, it is Nixonian in style,secret, calculating, dishonest, disingenuous, cynical and  duplicitous.

Americans have a stark choice on November 6th, they will have to decide whether they will once again vote against their own self-interest as they did in 2010. They elected a Republican Congress which will go down in history as probably the least productive in the history of this country. True to form they abdicated their responsibilities and went to their respective districts without passing the Farm Bill, they did not address the issue of the Post Office, They did not want to give the president a legislative win,.

That is the infantile nature of the Republican Party in America.