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Man haffi eat a food“, not proper English , yet every Jamaican understand that it means everyone should have a chance to make a living. There is nothing wrong with that concept. In fact it is a noble concept, only thing is that in Jamaica it takes on a sinister and ominous meaning.  Eating a food  means a lot of things in our country ,beyond the noble notion of communal bliss. It means taking what someone worked hard for at the point of a gun. It means getting a pay-check from Government for work not done. Payback for political loyalty and foot soldering. Shocking yes ? Someone’s decision to eat a food could decide whether you live or die. This started just around 1972 when the thinking of Jamaicans changed after they voted Michael Manley into office. All of a sudden the mansions at the top of Beverly Hills in Saint Andrew were not there as symbols of inspiration to be achieved through hard work. They became symbols of the rich’s greed and exploitation. The owners of those Mansions were no longer people to emulate, but living examples of capitalistic exploitation, to abhor and hate. Our love affair with crime and criminals have had a long and storied history . We can pull our hair and bemoan the thousands of murder, each decade. But we lie and decieve ourselves if we deny knowledge of its genesis. We’ve sown the seeds of discord , hatred, and anarchy. Now we eat the bitter fruits of our labor. We can blame everyone for our misfortunes. , the CIA the IMF, the Martians . I rather believe it’s IMF,it’s Manley’s fault.


P J Patterson

When a people who were used to working hard and aspiring to greatness suddenly begin to envy those who achieved through the sweat of their brow they have a problem. When they bought into the concept that those who worked hard , planned and accomplished material success are evil capitalists to be loathed ,they  have a problem.

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Portia Simpson Miller


We bought into the concept of a socialist easy way of achieving stuff. No longer inspired by the concept of hard-work and education as vehicles of upward mobility ,we are in trouble. Now the fruits of our greed, envy, and hatred have ripened, why are we surprised about the blood letting?>>>>