The following is an interview given by Carolyn Gomes to a local television station.

Dr. Carolyn Gomes OJ (born March 30, 1958 in Kingston, Jamaica) is a Jamaican human rights activist. Dr. Gomes is also the co-founder and current Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice.[1][2] On December 10, 2008, Dr. Gomes received the prestigious United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights.[3] On October 19 of the next year, she was honored with the Order of Jamaica, in recognition of her advocacy for human rights. Notice that Gomes has received one of the highest honor that can be bestowed on any Jamaican.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THPK7Y8kRn4 See Gomes and JFJ at the Inter American Commission of Human Rights hearing in Washington DC.

Interviewer ; You said you made a presentation to the inter-American commission on human rights the report looked at human rights  issues in Jamaica since the state of emergency last year, now on the set with us to tell us more about that report is Jamaicans for Justice Dr. Carolyn Gomes executive director of Jamaicans for justice, good morning again, welcome once again to smile Jamaica,

Gomes: Good morning nice to be here with you>

Interviewer: So you did what exactly when you said you made a presentation.?

Gomes: We looked at the data we had in our files over the course of last year and we  put it all together and we made a report, we asked for an oppurtunity to present it in person ,because we could have sent it in and said here’s our report, but we ahem got an opportunity to present it in person at the inter-American commission in Washington there was a panel of three commissioners plus the deputy executive secretary and then the Government had an oppurtunity to respond and was represented by ambassador Marks and a member of the Consular staff.

Interviewer: And your report suggested what? that you didn’t like what was going on did  you give a personal opinion?

Gomes : We said we very upset by the rise in what was already an untenable number of fatal shootings by the Police, which in fact went up by over 20%  last year based on their own figures, year on year, and that does not include the deaths of those killed in Tivoli, or those who the figures acknowledged were killed by soldiers outside of Tivoli, when you put all of those together, we were at a rate of almost 400, and in context more than  one in five people who died violently, died at the hands of the police.

Let’ just back up right here because I cannot rely on the Interviewer to ask questions backed up by real facts and figures of this person who took Jamaica’s name abroad, so let me present some facts.

Jamaica has one of the highest murder rate in the world ,we compete with countries like Mexico and Colombia.

Jamaica’s criminals are some of the most violent criminals on planet earth,they love to kill police officers.

During the time that this so-called report was presented the country was experiencing one of the most turbulent periods in its history, police stations were torched , officers murdered, to include  eight officers shot in one ambush on mountain view avenue , two officers died that night at the hands of terrorists including the popular sergeant Wayne Henriques.

Members of the military were killed.

Members of the ISCF were killed.

Untold numbers of people were slaughtered by urban terrorists loyal to alleged drug and gun runner Christopher( dudus )Coke.

The report made no mention of any of these facts.

Let’s read some more.

Interviewer: Does it necessarily mean an abuse of human rights  when when…..

Gomes: Police kill? No absolutely not!and that is one of the things we have contended from the very beginning Simon that the police are in fact on e of the only groups in the country that are allowed to legally kill somebody in defense of themselves or other people……. the point becomes what are the legality of  a shooting one of the things we have said from the very beginning is that the system put in place  aren’t able to credibly clear policemen of acting absolutely  within the law,and righteously, they call it a righteous shooting….

Interviewer interrupting; so does that mean the  process or the processing of each incident is not sufficient and  suitable to give you a proper determination as  as …

Gomes jumping in: the whole thing from the beginning coming right up to the end. the beginning is the preservation of the crime scene,or the shooting scene if you prefer, don’t move the bullets  so that you can make a determination, don’t move the spent shells, don’t move the dead person, take photographs etc etc.

Let me just jump in here , what a load of crock.Every time a killing occur it falls on someone to investigate that killing, irrespective of who does the shooting there are people called Police that are required to do the investigations, if Gomes does not believe that Jamaican police are capable of policing  Jamaica, then she should come out and say so , clearly she  somehow  feel  that a country that is over 90% black is incapable of policing itself ,  is Carolyn Gomes pushing for foreign intervention in our country , from the lies within this report,?

Where does Carolyn Gomes get her crime scene investigative skills from?  last time I checked she was a pediatrician, I am unaware that being a baby doctor qualifies one on crime scene management , but then again this is Jamaica where everyone knows how to do everyone else’s job but cannot do theirs, , let’s go on.

Gomes: then there’s the ballistics and you know we must be the stupidest country in the world because we have the highest rate of gun crime and we have inadequate ballistic testing facilities..

I am  going to jump in here because I am getting really mad right now, did I hear right,? did she call my country stupid?

Now this is really telling, she has no respect for the people she purports to be concerned about, this is about Carolyn Gomes and her ego, and whatever  motivation she has for the anti police crusade she is on, but trust me she will be exposed. I have always believed that if an investigator really wants the truth , just let the suspect talk ,, let the suspect tell their version of events , then when he or she is finished ask them to repeat what they had  just related to you, the  lies will be exposed.

So we know Gomes thinks our country is stupid, .!

Was this the reason she opted for a face to face meeting with her foreign handlers within the inter-American commission in Washington? or did the object of the face to face  have a more sinister motive, say financial ?

Who funds Jamaicans for justice? where does the money gets spent? does the Lobby group pay taxes on the monies it takes in from overseas, that influences, and shape policy within Jamaica ? who does oversight of the Groups finances? the group hires high-priced lawyers , what rate are they paid,?  what service do they  provide for the monies paid to them? Is there an independent audit of the groups books to determine fidelity? , Is the lobby group in  compliance with all aspects of  Jamaican laws  particularly as it relates to accepting funds from outside the country? .how much does Gomes and staff gets paid  if any, separate from the lawyers?

Now did she say we have the highest rate of gun crime? yes she did say that , and again she is wrong , even when she tries to be objective, we do not yet have the highest per capita rate of gun killings and I hope we do not attain  that dubious distinction.

Interestingly enough she made no mention of that in the report she took to her handlers.

She then moves on with the rambling unsubstantiated attack , this time aimed at the office of the DPP.

Gomes:Then there’s that and all the way through to the challenges of the office of the director of the public prosecution, it’s more than a year to get a ruling out of that office, she herself acknowledges that she has a backlog of 700 cases of police fatal shootings, and from there we get to court , we have cases that takes twelve years to pass through the coroner’s court, twelve years…

At this point one of the two men that made up the panel interviewing Gomes ,who kept chuckling , , mark you he had no notes  nor any kind of documents to counteract the bile she was spewing , chimed in to Gomes claims.

Interviewer; Which is absolute rubbish!

Gomes: At the end of it and the when the coroner’s jury says that the police man must be charged for murder you back in court , supreme court, waiting on a trial.

Here are some important information that Gomes should have her lawyers check. Jamaican law allows the DPP to file criminal charges against a police officer to quell public out cry.Gomes may be unaware of this but the criminal Dons are well aware of it,hence the ever-present demonstration and phalanx of paid mourners after every fatal shooting by members of the security forces.This accomplishes three  things for the criminal underworld, (1) It gets  frontline cops out-of-the-way, (2)demoralize others, and (3) creates more opportunities for their criminal empires.

For those who wonder why so many cases of police shootings dies before they leave the DPP’s office ,and  some gets disposed of for want of prosecution , the reason plain and simple is that there was no evidence of wrong doing in the first place, .Gomes herself alluded to that fact, right here in this interview, check your laws.

Interviewer:In your report you said it means that one in five homicides , and I use that word deliberately, committed in Jamaica in 2010  was committed by the security forces.

Gomes: Correct. correct,homicide doesn’t say whether it was a righteous , I mean justifiable homicide or not, it say that it was a fatal shooting one in five shootings were committed by the security forces.

At this point both questioners chimed in .

But that’s inflammatory language.!

Gomes : Only to the lay person! It has technical meaning that does not necessarily mean murder, it doesn’t necessarily mean manslaughter either , you have vehicular homicide, which can be you know……

Vehicular homicide? what or how does vehicular homicide factor into this conversation , in what context is it applicable, I thought the interview was  about the lies she took to Washington , which by the way the Golding Administration called her out on , to which  she had no response. Serve Golding and his friends right they are the ones who continue to cheapen National honors on every charlatan that comes around , ignoring Jamaicans who sacrifice for country.

Interviewer; but again it conjure up ,.. isn’t that a suggestion that they were doing this deliberately’?

Gomes : no it’s not  !!!!! We are not saying that police are doing it though there is some question marks about what occurred in Tivoli and some of the shootings that come to us.

Interviewer :Even the numbers you don’t agree with , I think they said 73 you are saying   …

Gomes: We don’t have any evidence of more than 73, but in, we don’t ,that 73 doesn’t take into account 3 people  who have disappeared since being seen in the company of the security forces , they can’t be seen since can’t be found so if you add that it’s 76. and the people dispute the 73, and  so that is the reason we stand with Earl Witter for a commission of enquiry, because there are a number of things that needs to be clarified for Jamaica including how many people died.

What? the same lay persons that are from the stupid country?…but arent these the people you care about , and on whose behalf you are  waging this crusade,  are you saying they are too stupid to understand the difference between a justifiable killing and a case of excessive police force?I will bet my life everyone knows the difference but Carolyn Gomes does not have too much confidence in the intellectual capabilities of the Jamaican people, the not-lay persons in Washington I am sure understands the difference, how insulting!

At this stage I was through with this nonsense I watched the rest of the interview which offered no more substance or sense than the foregone , it was a love fest of sorts between her and the two males conducting what passed for an interview,basically a plethora of issues, with Gomes generating a lot of heat and absolutely no light.

Pictured top left is Jamaicans for justice Carolyn Gomes receiving  a National honor for her work defending criminals.

Top right is Sergeant Wayne Henriques who was slaughtered along with another officer on mountain view avenue ,.Six other officers were shot in that Ambush that night. Wayne who was on leave, was celebrating his 17th wedding Anniversary and was called away to service . He left his beautiful wife and family, they would never see him alive again. Gunned down by Jamaica’s urban terrorists.

Those who lobby on their behalf receive National Honors.

Wayne’s family members (center)gather to mourn their loss.These are the good guys, those who play by the rules,obey the laws and sacrificed their loved one in defense of our Nation. (photos courtesy of national forum)

Where is their National honor. 

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