Famine In Somalia

 We quibble about debt ceilings and credit ratings down-grade , I am drawn to a different situation in another part of the world, by people who would  give anything to have a fraction of what we throw away in the garbage daily.

As we speak thousands of people are on the move in Somalia heading for Kenya where they hope to be able to find food and water. Somalia is in the grips of an intense drought and a resultant famine. Some reports have 30 000 children dying in one week. Somalia has been plagued by internal fighting, bad Government and tribal bickering for as long as can be remembered,


The UN has declared a famine in parts of Somalia. Two years of drought have displaced 25% of Somalia’s population and UN officials say the drought has killed tens of thousands of people over the past few months.
Childcare worldwide a group that specalizes in feeding children in developing countries , particularly in Africa , had this to say.

 The worst drought in 60 years is causing widespread hunger and starvation across Somalia and parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Djibouti. 12 million people are in danger of starvation. Children are especially vulnerable. Food and water are desperately needed to keep people alive. 
Somalia a country on the horn of Africa and borders kenya has a weak Government and a strong rebel group the Al- Ahabab Islamist group. Al-Shabab, which is affiliated to al-Qaeda, was formed in 2007 to overthrow the weak interim government and establish Islamic rule in Somalia.
Reports are that most of the famine is in the south of the country , areas controlled by the rebel group Al Shabab . They have since staged a tactical pullout from the areas under their control . Some argue they did so in order to allow Aid Agencies to deliver aid to the area , something they did not allow before.
The attention of the world now needs to be turned to this monumental crisis , instead of arguing about debt ceilings and credit downgrades.
Of course these are only black people dying in Africa. The United States has always been at the forefront of the charge in delivering help whenever it is needed to everyone all over the world. It is now time for the rest of the World to stand with America in saying to tin pan dictators and voilent rebel groups , we will not allow you to take steps that will put the lives of millions of people at risk.
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