On January 29th of this year, news broke that head of the Police Civilian Oversight,  Authority, a Professor Anthony Harriott declared that the Jamaica Constabulary Force was “TOXIC”.

The job of the Civilian oversight agency is to ensure fair, impartial, and balanced oversight of matters relating to the Police and the public, splitting the difference squarely down the middle.
In case you are wondering, no, the PCOA is not the only Agency tasked with oversight of the JCF. Overseeing the JCF are six such agencies, including PCOA, The Independent Department of Investigations (INDECOM) , and others.
This does not include the litany of criminal rights agencies which have taken up residence on the Island in support of the rights of criminals.

Harriot argued that (MOCA)the  Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, an arm of the force, be split apart from the JCF and declared a separate elite Agency separate from the JCF.
I fairness to Harriot the Island’s Parliament already has a Bill in front of it which would if passed into law, does separate MOCA from the supposed [toxic]Jamaica Constabulary Force(JCF).

Moca is working quite well according to reports.  Because it has been working so well they placed a former member of the JDF in charge of the entity.
It should be noted that the Andrew Holness led Government is fully behind splitting this part of the JCF which is staffed largely with members of the JCf and was led by JCF leadership from its parent ……. you guessed it, the JCF.
The Minister of National Security Robert Montague is responsible for piloting the process through the house.

POLICE OFFICERS of MOCA doing their jobs…

So what is different about MOCA which would cause the elites to like it?
Well, MOCA officers are not on the streets dealing with the delinquent, indisciplined and lawless cretins who believe the laws do not apply to them.
So, of course, the lack of contact reduces or plain eliminates complaints against MOCA officers.
When MOCA officers do act and are seen in the news it is usually in a positive light in which they are seizing contraband and removing criminals from the streets. Seizing property and fattening government coffers with the proceeds of crime seized from criminals is what politicians want, whats not to like.
So if the police are properly retrofitted to be a lot more like that little part of itself necessarily complaints would trend down as the positives would inexorably trend up.


On the same day Harriot’s statements became public, this writer was stunned at the level of disrespect in the statement. As a consequence, yet despite my anger and hunger to responded I had to seek verification that he had actually made the statements attributed to him.
The occupational culture of the JCF is one where you take the car and you go off and drink rum and do no investigation. You are not called to account, and when the murder rate goes through the roof, you squeal that you don’t have enough of this or that.” (Anthony Harriot)

My God, as a young officer in my early twenties I would work so hard and for so many hours on end that I would pick up a cup of coffee and my hands would sometimes shake from lack of sleep and exhaustion.
A typical shift for us at the CIB would begin at 7: 45 in the morning until 1:00 pm we would return at 6:00pm after a 5-hour break. We would recontinue our work through until 8:00 am the next day.Of course, leaving at 8:00 was predicated on whether we were actively held up and or engaged in an ongoing investigation.
As members of the Criminal Investigations Branch we nearly always had to attend court, sometimes two separate courts as we had criminal matters on the docket either for presentation, mention or trial.

I was not surprised that there was absolute silence at all levels of the food chain in this country which is now a criminal paradise. But my lack of surprise did nothing to bridle my outrage and so I responded to his disgraceful ignorant broadside immediately.
I totally understood and was completely conversant that these despicable blood parasites who inform debates, shape opinion and control the peasantry was quite comfortable with Harriot’s divisive and disrespectful language.
I never expected much amongst the robotic peasantry to be outraged either, once we set aside the close family members of our police officers.
It is now time for the Police Oversight to be reauthorized and Andrew Holness is set to once again appoint Anthony Harriot as head and a part of that oversight body.

On February 4th a full (5) days Economist and Lecturer Mark Ricketts wrote a response to Harriot’s outrageous statements demanding that he should apologize.
Professor Ricketts response is summed up in the very first statement quote :

So low is our police force in the eyes of our opinion makers that until Wednesday, not one official stepped up and asked for an immediate apology to the police from Harriott, as well as his resignation as head of the Police Civilian Oversight Authority. Not the prime minister, not the leader of the Opposition, not any church official, no university president, no private-sector leader.( Mark Ricketts is an economist, author, and lecturer living in California).

It wasn’t until February 7th that the Police Federation issued a statement demanding Anthony Harriot’s Resignation.
What was the Federation expecting why it took so long to speak out about Harriot’s blatant disrespect?
Was the Federation expecting Holness or Montague to come out in support of the police when it is Holness’s intention to render the JCF defanged?
Since Holness took Office he has been nothing but disrespectful and slanderous of the JCF, all from behind the safety and protection of Police Officers who risk their lives to protect him.
Why would he criticize a Donkey’s ass when he was merely parroting what Holness himself believes?

Did the Federation expect Peter Phillips and or the PNP to step forward in defense of the JCF, if so when has the People’s National Party stood with the rule of law or understood it’s value to our country?
Did the Federation expect the civil society which is populated with the leftist from the UWI to speak out against Harriot’s slander, if so what would be the basis of the Federation’s expectations when he was carrying out their agenda?

If none of the above apply, were the Police Federation waiting on others to come out against Harriot’s statements before it did? If so how can the Federation be successful if it is afraid or tenuous in the defense of its own membership?
Now is the time for the Federation to gather some balls and push back against the filth which exists at the top in our country.
It cannot wait to defend its membership, it must be unrelenting and proactive in self-defense and others will follow.

Jamaica is a criminal paradise, the Government is infected with criminals so is the Opposition.At every level of civil society, there is morbid corruption. It follows therefore that the Constabulary should be patently conscious that there will not be across the board support for its work if any at all.
As the Constabulary work to rid itself of its own corrupting demons, it must be heartened that it will only be its best practices and successes which will eventually change our country.
Clean house of corrupt cops, investigate and arrest offenders whether they control Jamaica House or lives in Riverton.