Ferguson Out Of Control Cops

We are not mainstream, we are grass-roots, we have no agenda beyond truth and justice . We call it as we see it. We do not worry about consequence .

A life lived for one’s self is a life wasted.

Here we speak truth to power, we defend police, we criticize police. We also criticize Human Rights  Agencies for ever being on the case of small Nations, yet they remain silent on police atrocities here in America.

These are some of the scenes of America’s out of control police in Ferguson Missouri.

We have just learned that Amnesty International have decided to grace Ferguson with their presence. In the meantime we will continue to call them hypocrites for ignoring human rights abuse here in America, until we see real substantive action from them.

Human rights groups have gathered in Ferguson. Amnesty International sent a 13-person human rights delegation to Ferguson, resources the organization has never set up domestically, until now, according to BuzzFeed

2014-08-18T14-51-23.366Z--1280x720.video_560x315Recent reports revealed Michael Brown was shot at least 6 times , including twice in the head. Most importantly there was no powder residue on Brown’s body.

Lack of powder residue indicate that the cop did not shoot the teen from close range.

This flies in the face of false police reports that Michael Brown was shot during a struggle for the officers gun. This revelation backs up what witnesses to the shooting claimed all along.

From all indications Michael Brown was shot down execution style and left in the streets for over 4 hours without any attempts to move him via Ambulance to a Hospital where he could be properly pronounced dead .

The Cop who shot Michael Brown wanted to kill him, the diagram shows what are called kill-shots, aimed directly to the head and chest of the 18 year old.

We are anxiously awaiting the report of Amnesty International on this their virgin foray into real police terror.