For the last 14 days, 58 individuals have been murdered: week one, 28, week 2, 30, and during that period, 15 persons have been murdered in St. James, alone,  1,160 murders reported so far this year is a 10 per cent increase over the figure for the same period (up to the end of November, 2012) last year.http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/news/JLP-raps-PM-for-not-making-crime-fight-a-priority-_15653715.

These are numbers attested to in a press Conference held at their Belmont Road offices by the Opposition Jamaica Labor Party. At the press conference the opposition leader and others bemoaned the lack of leadership on the critical issue of crime and violence by the administration and the Prime Minister in particular. I am not exactly sure whether the Opposition party recognizes that the PNP exists as a political entity because of crime. The streets understands that when the people’s National Party forms the Government it’s generally a free-for-all. The perception on the streets is that the party allows everyone to (eat a food), colloquial Jamaican terminology which means to tacitly allow people to break the laws for personal gain. Jamaicans do not like laws, so the People’s National Party has been a perfect fit for most Jamaica’s since suffrage.

carolyn gomes

Carolyn Gomes

There are several bills languishing in the Parliament which could potentially give law enforcement  a leg-up despite the woeful inadequacy of resources given to them. Conversely, what the Government has done is to place a strangle-hold on effective law-enforcement, by colluding with Jamaicans for Justice to implement strategies which criminalize cops who  do what they are sworn to do. Police Officers are not going after criminals, out of fear they will end up in prison on fraudulent ghetto evidence cooked-up by (indecom). No one denies the need for effective police oversight, it is an absolute necessity. Oversight however, cannot be a fishing expedition aimed at imprisoning Police officers to conform to the dictates of Carolyn Gomes  and( jfj)

Let’s not kid ourselves into believing that Portia understands the debilitating consequences crime has on the Nation’s psyche and finances. Many evaluations have been done highlighting the trauma to both. Nevertheless there are people within that Administration who are capable of assimilating the detrimental and generations long consequences that crime will have on the nation. We then must pull our heads from the sand and accept the fact that crime thrives in Jamaica because this administration wants it to. All the evidence points to that conclusion. From as far back as the 70’s, People National Party policies have been criminal friendly and acquiescent, if not totally and outright complicit.


    Percival Patterson

Gutting of law-enforcement capabilities in the 70’s under Michael Manley, allowing for criminals to march into police stations and remove criminals from police control. Guerrilla-style assaults on Police stations, the proliferation of zones of political exclusions(garrisons). A total decade, 10 years without a single detective trained under Percival Patterson. The latter saw crime exploding exponentially, and the moral compass of our Nation forever changed for the worse.

How can Portia Simpson Miller be expected to be part of any solution to eliminate or eradicate crime when her very ascent was made possible because of crime?  As a police officer in the late 80’s I watched Portia roll-around in the streets on White Hall Avenue, surrounded by a bunch of red T-shirt, motorcycle riding brigands. She was upset we did not allow them to steal the ballot boxes. Yes I said it. It’s naive to believe that the party which is soft on crime, which wins more elections because of that stance can, or will fix crime. As Jamaicans we have to accept the stark and contradictory reality that most Jamaicans are not opposed to crime, they are opposed to those who work toward eliminating it. The labor party will have a tough road to hoe, first in convincing an illiterate mass that it’s in their economic and existential interest to turn it’s back on criminality. Then getting them to vote decisively to root it out. That means keeping the People’s National Party out of Jamaica House.


2 thoughts on “Fifty Eight ,(58) Individuals Have Been Murdered In One Week:

  1. Well said brethren, could not have said it better. if you want land to capture now is the time to do it. That is the way to show poor people we care for them and then talk about law and order. Who is shooting at these ministers? Who is shooting at Carol Gomes and Terrence Williams? This party will forever be in power because they use crime to show poor people they care, trust me on that.

  2. Barrington for years after I left law-enforcement I kept my mouth shut about some of the things I saw , no more, I refuse to do so while liars create revisionist history. I will not remain silent while they sanitize these people’s record, Manley, Patterson, Portia, neither will I pretend that the labor party is made up of angels. My contention is that the labor party has always had a better plan for our country. Our people are too criminally oriented to appreciate it . They much rather the concrete Serengeti that the PNP has created over the years since suffrage, pitting Jamaicans against Jamaicans, with the fittest surviving. The eat a food mentality has created a nation of rapacious murdering scums.

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