Fifty Years After Doctor King’s Speech:






As the United States enter another election season  the choices couldn’t be more stark, between the two parties and presidential candidates.

The year is 2012 but listening to some of the rhetoric coming out of the mouths of some republicans, one wonders if America reverted to the 1950’s?

The election of Barack Obama has peeled away the scab of racism in America revealing the infected, festering wounds  many felt were long on the mend.

Did the elevation of a black man to the most powerful office in the world mean that finally America had put its putrid racial animus behind it? Many felt that America had finally turned the corner, as they watched the tens of thousands gather on the national mall to witness the historic swearing-in of the first American president who wasn’t a white man.


President Barack Obama                                                                   Attorney General Eric Holder

Little did the left and the idealists know that the events playing out on the national mall that day would unleash some of the most vapid and vitriolic rhetoric and lead to actions some  insists are acts of domestic terrorism.

Fifty years after the historic “I have a dream” speech Dr. Martin Luther King gave before he was assassinated, a black man is the president and a black man is Attorney General of the United States of America.

How could that not piss off old white men like the US senator from Texas John Cornyn,or senate minority leader Mitch McConnell from Kentucky?


US senator John Cornyn (R) Texas.

The list of angry white people mad as hell at what transpired November 2007 transcend gender , don’t forget Arizona’s shining example of a governor, Jan Brewer wagging her finger in the face of the president on the tarmac as he touched down in that state.

The list of despicable moronic behavior and utterances have really revealed to the world the base crassness of some of America’s most senior elected officials within the republican party.

We are used to gutter behavior from the rabble at FOX. We have grown accustomed to the gutter  bile coming from hate mongers like  Glen Beck, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and the trash on hate radio. Those are people so unhappy with their miserable lives that they have to take out their anger on other people.

What we should not be comfortable with is the same toxic bile coming from those who get paid with our tax dollars, the like of Cornyn ,McConnell and others.

The current persecution of  Eric Holder by the oversight committee in the House is an attempt by the far right to discredit the president using Daryl Issa . Issa bragged that he would be conducting hearings every week into the Obama Administration, but has thus far had zero to investigate.

In calling for Eric Holder’s resignation John Cornyn stated as part of his reason Holder’s attempt to prevent states from preventing voter fraud. What that translates to is the Attorney General’s steadfast defense of voters rights against republican assault in various states.

The question then is what kind of America does these old white men envision, do they believe that the America of the 50’s will return?

Where do they intend to take the country? because make no mistake about it, as bad as the republican party has been in recent decades, America needs the republican party.

It is imperative that the republican party cleanse itself of the ugly graffiti of racial polarization if it intends to compete in national politics in the coming decades.

The example being set by Cornyn ,McConnell and others is bound to relegate their party to being a southern party which would have devastating consequences for the country.

These men if I may call them that, must now realize they way things were are no more , and they are not coming back, Latinos , blacks and other ethnic minorities now make up the majority.

If they love this country as they say they do, they will put racist idiocy aside and work to make this an even better country, not just for some but for all Americans.